Shipping Policy

We at Jyonell provide, at the moment, shipping within India and the United States.

In India we provide a flat fee of Rs.100 for shipment to any location.

For deliveries in the United States a flat fee of $10 will be charged.

We make sure that our customers are not charged extra beyond the price that they pay for our products to help them get the best service. So let us answer some FAQs about our Shipping Policy.

Where do we deliver?

For deliveries within India it takes 10 days at the most to ship out.

We deliver to your doorstep at any and every location within India. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari our shipping policy delivers everywhere. The only thing we ask is for you to provide us with your full street address as the courier companies in India right now do not deliver to P.O. box addresses. Kindly complete your street address with your pin code and your zip code as instructed on the mailing address form.

For deliveries within the United States it takes 12 days at the most to ship out.

Deliveries are usually done in the weekdays and sometimes even in the weekends depending on the urgency of the order. However, the delivery scheduling is done by the courier company and we have no hand in the delivery once we have shipped the item.

Deliveries are usually done within 10 AM to 7 PM in India whereas it may vary for other countries. But again, to be clear, we do not have any say over when the product gets delivered. It is in the hands of the courier company once it has been shipped out.

Also, we request you to note that no shipments are made from the store on Sundays and public holidays as our courier and logistics partners do not make any pick-ups on those days.

If there are multiple orders that are to be delivered separately it is important to understand that they can be delivered separately at separate times due to inventory stock and courier company pick up schedules.

What if the delivery has failed?

If the delivery has failed due to the unavailability of the correct address, the product is returned to us and the customer is informed duly.This can be reshipped  to a valid address at the customers expense.

If the delivery has failed due to any other problem or the product is tampered with or found defective we, at Jyonell take full responsibility and provide return and exchange of the product within 14 days. A full refund could also be made within 14 days if you wish to return the product.

We, however, do not take responsibility in case the products are stolen or tampered with after being delivered at the customer's doorstep. We, at Jyonell will not be able to refund or  exchange the item in a case.

Tracking Details?

We provide full detailed tracking for all our deliveries. There is an email and SMS that is sent as soon as the item is shipped. Following that, the courier company tracking ID is generated and provided to you where you can check the status of your shipment at every step. This can be done only when the item has been successfully shipped. The tracking ID that is generated can take up to 24 to 48 hours to activate depending on the courier company.

Address Change Requests?

These types of requests are generally not possible to be processed. As once the order is placed there cannot be any alterations made to it anymore. In such cases the order needs to be cancelled and then a new order has to be placed for the correct address.

In special cases where the alteration is allowed, the request has to be put in within 24 hours of the order. The request is to be decided by the logistics team and we do not guarantee anything in that process.

Incorrect Address or Incomplete Address?

We are not responsible for failure of delivery due to incomplete or incorrect information on the address.It can definitely be reordered and reshipped at the customers expense.

Time to Ship?

Shipping time is directly related to your location.The shipping time can be reduced via express shipping which is only available in certain metropolitan  cities.In the United States it would require a maximum of 12 days to be shipped out.

Delay in Shipping?

In any case, if there is a delay in shipping the customer is informed with the prospective date by which the shipment will be delivered. However, when the delay is caused due to the unavailability of the product in the stock it can lead to order cancellation with proper remuneration provided to the customer.

Shipping estimates provided by the courier companies are usually accurate and generally abided by.

What if the order is lost in transit?

If the order is lost in transit, we wait for a period of 15 days to locate the product.

In case of any other queries for the shipping policies, feel free to email us or contact us at the provided information on