About Us

We are a premium online retail counter for authentic handmade sarees coming directly from Bengal, built extensively with arduous human labor and the perfection of skilled craftsmanship. Our sarees are not only woven with threads but also with the history,culture and the generational skills that have made these cottage industries into renowned garment collections.

Our sarees are designed exclusively at their origin sites making them authentic and giving them the perfect craftsmanship quality for which the sarees are renowned. They are decorated with a great range of choices for the end customer where fabrics,colors and designs are concerned.

Our collection includes both everyday and festive wear,created with equal craftsmanship and details,the difference being only in the sarees weight and material used.

Our goal and vision is to help bring to the forefront and to the focus of people, the heritage of Bengali textile and artwork which have deep rooted historical and cultural connections to Bengal and Bengali culture.


These art forms date back hundreds of years to the time of the Mughals and Nawabs, who have helped build this specific culture in the various art forms that have adorned those monarchs of that period.

Post the Mughal era when the British colonized India these industries suffered immensely under their rule as they did everything in their power to ruin these industries by increasing the taxation on these products and rivaling them against mass produced factory made garments from England.

After a very rough and slow growth period during the British period these industries bloomed again, Post-Independence with the help of great artists such as Subho Thakur who helped modernize the industry and make it more easily productive reducing the time required to weave these sarees from months to weeks maintaining the same amount of detail and craftsmanship throughout.

Art form

The art form has also evolved with the history of the product. In the days of the Nawabs and the Mughals, the sarees used to portray the daily lifestyle of those times with women being featured as enjoying, having hookahs, dancing and even the portrayal of kings were done to show the luxurious lives they led. These were done to picturize the lifestyle of the people around those times.

There was a sharp division in the sarees of the elite classes and the regular citizens as the two were made from very different blend of materials and featured lesser decorations and more of geometric or pattern based designs made using various printing techniques such as batik print, rather the artistic depiction of royal lives as we saw above.

This was the start of the differentiation between everyday wear and festive wear that are still continued till this day.

In the modern era, this style of artwork changed.With the rebirth of these industries during Post-Independence the artists started to focus less on the daily lifestyle of the people and more on the historical and mythological epics and the panels of the sarees were used to masterfully weave in the extracts of historical and mythological stories. This change was something that can still be seen today as this trend has been made into the new standard of these industries.

This is the way in which these industries have evolved with their products along hundreds of years of its existence.

These were some parts of the history and the culture that is carried by the sarees manufactured by Jyonell Creations, which you will be able to feel every time you adorn yourself with one of our products. Our goal in Jyonell Creations is to preserve and bring to the forefront these pieces of our history and culture, so that they can be nurtured and adorned by the generations to come.