Why Saris Make A Great Outfit on Every Occasion?

As a child, almost every girl played the game of dress-up, and their favourite part is draping a dupatta as a sari. This is one of the earliest and fondest memories of a sari in any Indian girl's life. We would watch our mom neatly pleat a six-yard, and carefully draping it around the body. The entire process seemed like an elaborate one. Choose a matching blouse, a petticoat, and finish the look with a bindi.

As we grow up, we borrow mom's sari to wear on school performances or religious occasions. Struggling to take a step wearing a sari to gracefully draping a sari on school farewell, our relationship with sari matures from the stage of love-hate one to finally loving one. After high school, we look for every occasion to borrow the Jamdani from our mom's wardrobe, or grandma's pure silk.

Abroad, people use only one word to describe Indian clothes, 'sari.' Indians and their affair with sari is not a new thing. You will turn the pages of history, you will see women warriors in a sari, royalties in shimmering saris, as well as the common folk draped in a sari. Of course, the style and the material differ to suit their own ways. A sari is a classic timeless piece of attire. You can never feel out of the place wearing a sari, this is why many people say, 'when in doubt, choose a sari.'

We have given below several reasons for why saris make a great outfit on every occasion. If you're someone who thinks saris are only for marriages or religious ceremonies, we are sure will change your mind.

  • It is the legitimate formal wear – A sari is as formal as a pencil skirt or trousers. A simple cotton or handloom sari with the least accessories is all you need to for a regular day at work, or a press conference, or a presentation, or a meeting with your clients. Most important dignitaries choose sari for important occasions.
  • There are no size issues – Be it online or offline shopping, we have all faced size issues with our clothes. Before buying a product we stand in the long queue of the trial room, for online there is the hassle of exchange and return. While buying a sari you don’t have to worry about this. One size fits all.
  • There is a sari for every occasion – Heading for a party? Choose shimmering chiffon georgette. Have a marriage or sangeet to attend? Bring out the Kantha sitch or Pure silks. Have a puja at home? Wear your Jamdani. There are literally so many options you can choose from that you will never go wrong with a sari.
  • You can style it any way you want – There are hundreds of ways of draping a sari. You can experiment all you want. You can experiment not only with draping but also with accessorizing and styling. Wear it with crop tops, a wide belt on the waist, or a shrug. You will find many influencers promoting sari in the most innovative ways.
  • It suits every body type – The next time you feel you are too skinny or too heavy to wear a sari, give your insecurities a backseat and drape a sari any way you want. Saris are the only outfit that will accentuate your curves without tightly hugging your body. Saris provide you both comfort and style.
  • You will have too many options to choose from – Taant, Kantha stitch, Baluchari, Jamdani, Patola, Mekhla Chador, and the list goes on. You will actually be confused about which one to pick if someone lays in front of you all the different types of a sari. After all, every state of India has its distinctive sari.
You can be confident that a sari is the only outfit that will never go out of style. It is a factor of global admiration. Western designers have also been inspired by Indian saris. In India salwar kameez also exists as regular Indian wear beside sari but you will see women in saris working as labours, grandmas on their evening walk wearing sneakers with saris, women hustling in saris. While most of us have happily adopted western wear in our regular life, sari still plays a huge role in our lives. Saris will always rule the heart of every Indian woman.

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