Why Sarees are a woman’s best friend?


It is no doubt that even with all of the influence that the West has had on the fashion culture in India, the traditional values still seem to find their way to stand out every single time. Marriages, festivals, birthday parties, no matter what the occasion is, a Saree always seems to solve all the fashion-related confusion that women can face when the age-old question of “What should I wear?” pops up. With the various types of Sarees that are available, each having their own historical significance and charms Sarees just are a woman’s best friend always bringing out the best in them. However, these traditional clothing have not failed to pick up with the modern pace too. Just like any other western clothing, buying sarees online is just as easy today and in the current scenario, this turns out to be a lifesaver.

Why sarees are a woman’s best friend?

Well, undoubtedly it is a fact that Sarees can be very difficult to wear, and even more difficult to maintain. So, why should you choose a saree over so many different western outfits available in so many different variations and brands? The simple answer to that according to us is Sarees are just the best! However, we understand that may not be enough of a reason for you. Below are some of the best reasons why we think Saree is the perfect choice for all your fashion needs.

It highlights your figure:

Let us just be real over here, every woman has the perfect body. Hence, there just cannot be a better clothing option than a Saree that can highlight all its curves and edges as perfectly. It is just in the nature of how it is, worn. The fact that a Saree wraps around the woman’s body wearing it quite literally, gives it the advantage of accentuating all her features and bringing out the best in her. Moreover, it can even hide all the so-called “flaws” and give you the power of even flaunting them in the best way possible.

Fabric friendly:

Historically, Sarees were only available in a few types of fabrics. Nevertheless, as time changed, so did the materials used in making them. Today, Sarees are available in a wide variety of fabric options such as silks, polysynthetic materials, velvet, georgette chiffon, and many more. This provides the option for comfort, no matter which fabric do you feel the most comfortable in, Sarees are available in them to make you feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time. 

Wear them as you want:

As discussed earlier, the fact that a saree needs to be, draped over the body to wear is the reason why it can highlight the beauty of a woman in the most effective manner. However, it can be a real headache trying a Saree on for the first time. Even so, Sarees are the most versatile type of clothing. In fact, there are over 25 different ways you can wear one. Therefore, you can choose any single way to suit your style and flaunt yourself in the best possible way. Moreover, if you are creative enough you can even develop your own way to wear a Saree and it will still not fail to stand out.

Be the showstopper:

If you ever plan to visit any place abroad, then perhaps any kind of western clothing would be your choice to blend in. However, if you want to be the showstopper and look the most exotic among the crowd, look no further as a Saree will instantly increase your charm. The use of different fibres and the exotic handcrafted designs made on them just highlight the amount of hard work and traditions of our country in the best possible way.

Trendy as always:

Let it be Vogues, Elle, Cosmopolitan, or any other fashion magazine, a Saree always finds its way in them. They are just timeless. Kanchipuram, Kantha, Pachampallly, Patola, Maheswari, Banarasi, Jamdani, Bishnupuri, etc. and are just some of the different varieties of Sarees that you can find among many more. Each state in India has its own type of Saree reflecting its own culture and tradition, and no matter, which one you choose to wear it, will never fail you.

Cannot wash them? Then hide them:

Stains are just unavoidable. Whatever the occasion might be, there is always a high probability your clothes can be, stained in one form or the other. With Sarees, this problem can be, hidden away in plain sight. Got a stain, do not worry; just drape it over and voilà the stain is as if it never existed.

It has many uses:

A Saree can be, used in many other ways other than just draping it over. Suppose if you have a Saree for a very long time and it does not have that charm now that it had when you first bought it. What will you do with it now? Obviously not wear it, but throwing it away is not a good option either. On the bright side, a Saree is essentially a very long piece of cloth, and that makes it very useful. You can cut, stitch and make it into a skirt, top, or perhaps a salwar suit too. You can even use them as decorative house pieces because of the extremely detailed patterns on them. A saree surely has so many uses and it is truly a versatile piece of art.
However, the changing tide of time has also affected this traditional clothing, in a very positive manner. Today, in the age of the internet, almost everything can be, bought online and Sarees are no exception. Just a few years ago, if you wanted to buy a Saree you would have to visit the best store in town and spend hours going through countless different sarees, and even, in the end, you could end up liking nothing.

Although it had its own fun, it was a really tiring and frustrating process. With the advent of the internet, this process became so much easier and faster. Today almost anyone with a phone and internet can buy sarees online, without much hassle and the same quality as ever. It has also given the customers the option of returning the clothes if they did not like it, which was almost impossible before. With quick payment methods and home deliveries, customers now can be completely free of every other thing that bothered them usually and can completely focus on the shopping.


With all of the above reasons, it is clear that a Saree is just too irresistible to fall in love with. It just makes a woman look like a complete goddess. Everything about a saree speaks of elegance and luxury. They truly are a woman’s best friend.
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