Why do Indian Brides Wear Red Saree On their Wedding Day?

In India, any auspicious event is incomplete without the colour red. As weddings are one of the most auspicious occasions, the colour red surely makes an appearance here as well. It is the colour of a new life. A wedding indicates a significant change in the life of an Indian woman. She has to leave the shelter of her parent’s house and start life afresh at her in-law’s house. Hence, an Indian bride would be attracted to the colour red since it is a reminder of the beginning of a new phase in her life.


Origin and Significance of the Colour Red

If we look into the origin of the colour red, it is believed to have been originated in Egypt, from where the human civilization had begun. Egyptians used to make a red dye out of the madder plant to colour their fabrics. In China, the colour red indicates happiness. In our country red is known to be the colour of passion.

Lehenga, Ghaghra Choli and Odhani are the traditional wedding attires of India and are prominently red in colour. Women of any complexion spread the gleam of her beauty in this colour on this special day of her life. A red bridal attire signifies the dignity, power, elegance, love and purity of a woman. Red is the shade of love, desire, passion, war as well as danger. It is considered to be a sacred colour especially in the Hindu religion. The bridal trousseau is almost always red or some shade of it. In most Asian cultures, including India, red stands for happiness and prosperity, and is considered to be pure and auspicious. Hence it has become a tradition to wear a red attire.


A Red Saree on Wedding Day

The wedding day is such an auspicious and memorable occasion for a girl that she would like to imprint a permanent impression on everybody’s mind about the look she would display through her total appearance.

Red is a very emotionally intense colour and since marriages are events where the emotions of a male and a female individual get unified for a lifetime, it is natural that the female partner would like to choose red colour for her wedding saree. Red coloured wedding saree brings a sizzling or sparkling effect which adds a glamorous as well as a gorgeous look to the bride and she is able to catch the attention of everybody when she gets dressed up in a red saree.

Hindu brides are asked to wear red saree which reflects the image of Durga who is the inner strength of every Indian woman. Red colour depicts her fiery image as she kills Mahishasura and establishes peace and harmony in the world. It also incites fear as her enraged image is enhanced by her red tongue and almost red eyes. This colour surely has a deep meaning in the Indian culture and is therefore hailed as the most auspicious attire for weddings and other holy ceremonies.

Red is the colour of love and celebration. Red is the colour that draws the attention of everybody and is thus chosen as the colour of bridal saree. A Red saree, teamed up with a golden or silver coloured blouse and traditional jewellery will make the bride look exquisitely beautiful on her wedding day.

A red saree denotes the colour of harmony, clarity, transparency, adoring and richness. And so, red makes the bond between two souls stronger and potent in this, as well as the next life. Indian girls and ladieswear red saree on their wedding anniversary, baby shower, prayer events, Valentine’s Day etc on many such occasions because of so many indications of the colour.

Besides, according to astrology, the planet Mars, who is in charge of marriages,is red in colour. Therefore, Hindu brides are asked to wear red during the wedding proceedings since it stands for purity, prosperity, clarity and fertility.


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