Why Are Sarees Usually Worn With Jewellery?

Saree is the most beautiful, ethereal and graceful Indian wear. Indian women wear sarees on numerous occasions and events. There are different types of sarees worn by various women across India like Taant from West Bengal, Kasavu from Kerala, Kanjeevaram from Tamil Nadu, Bomkai from Odisha, Sambalpuri from Odisha, Paithani from Maharashtra, Bandhani from Gujarat, Muga from Assam, Banarasi from Varanasi, Pochampally from Telangana, Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh, Konrad from Tamil Nadu, Leheriya from Rajasthan, Phulkari from Punjab and Chikankari from Lucknow. But let us find out why sarees are worn with jewellery? 

The saree-jewellery combination looks great

Saree looks great in itself. But when a woman adorns jewellery with a saree, it enriches the beauty of saree very well. The saree and jewellery complement each other and makes the whole look complete and ravishing.

Variety of Jewellery like variety of sarees

Jewellery in India like necklaces, bangles, earrings, nose pins etc are designed according to the different types of sarees that are available in different Indian states. For Example- special jewellery is designed to complement Kanjivaram sarees in the south.

Jewellery enhances the beauty of a woman

Like a cake is incomplete with a cherry on top, the same way sarees are incomplete without some piece of jewellery to go with it. Saree showcases the elegance of a woman’s body. Jewellery adds to the look by enhancing the appeal of the woman.

Jewellery goes well with sarees

Sarees are usually worn on special and festive occasions where women prefer to dress well and wear ornaments to complement the grandiose or grandeur of the event like Diwali, Dussehra etc. They like to club their sarees with jewellery to design the attire in a way that present them in the most beautiful manner.

Jewellery is a plus or a compulsory add-on

Sarees look great on both slender and curvaceous women. Jewellery is a necessary add on as it completes the traditional saree look. Sarees without jewellery do not look as compelling and flamboyant as sarees with jewellery. Both sarees and jewellery complete each other.

Jyonell Creations

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The evolution of art form has run parallel with the history of the product. In the days of the Nawabs and the Mughals, the sarees used to portray the daily lifestyle of those times with women being featured as enjoying, having hookahs, dancing and even the portrayal of kings was such to elaborate their luxurious lives. It projected the lifestyle of the people around those times.

There was a stark difference in the sarees of the noble classes and the subject citizens. The two sets of sarees were made from different blend of materials and had lesser decorations and represented more of geometric or pattern-based designs. It was created by using various printing techniques such as batik print which was the artistic depiction of royal lives and their culture and clothing wear.

This style of artwork saw a dramatic change in this modern era. With the resurgence of industries after Post-Independence, the artists focused less on the daily lifestyle of the people. They concentrated on the historical and mythological epics and as a result, the panels of the sarees were used to masterfully weave in the extracts of historical and mythological stories. This change continued till today as this trend was adopted into the new standard of these industries. This is the manner in which the industries have evolved with their products along hundreds of years of its existence. These were some facets of the history and the culture that is carried by the sarees manufactured by Jyonell Creations, which you will be able to feel every time you adorn yourself with one of our products. Our goal in Jyonell Creations is to preserve and bring to the forefront these pieces of our history and culture, so that they can be worn and adorned by the generations to come. To by some authentic handmade sarees imported form Bengal, visit Jyonell.com today! 

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