Why are Bengali Sarees Special?

Indian customary attire has consistently been rich. For an Indian woman, there is not anything more engaging than a customary Indian saree. Because of the rich and fluctuated culture of India that has favoured us with many various sarees and hanging styles. With regards to custom and style, the outfits of Bengal have a ton to give. The rich ordinary culture of the space has empowering handwoven sarees.

Bengal sarees

In Bengal, there is an uncommon method of wearing sarees, called 'AthPoure', that separates Bengali ladies look from the rest of India. Bengal is the home of various sarees like Gorod, Baluchari, Murshidabad silk, Tangail, Tusser, Tant. All these are handwoven and made by the nearby Bengali craftsmen. Indeed, even the texturization of every saree and bodywork has some story to tell.

The design may go back and forth, yet the saree will stay the embodiment of culture for Indian ladies. Jyonell creations is an online saree store in the USA that specialized in every traditional saree you dream about. We are an exceptional online retail counter for true hand-tailored sarees coming straightforwardly from Bengal, assembled broadly with laborious human work and the flawlessness of gifted craftsmanship. Our sarees are planned only at their starting point locales making them true and giving them the ideal craftsmanship quality for which the sarees are prestigious. They are enlivened with an incredible scope of decisions for the end client where fabrics,colours and plans are concerned. Our assortment incorporates both ordinary and happy wear, created with equivalent craftsmanship and details,the contrast being just in the sarees weight and material utilized. Our objective and vision are to help bring to the front line and the focal point of individuals, the legacy of Bengali material and fine art which have profound established authentic and social associations with Bengal and Bengali culture.


It is the most well-known Bengali saree and has been featured in Bollywood movies a dozen times. It is the plain exemplary white saree with a red boundary. Particularly worn during Durga Puja. The effortlessness and ageless excellence of the saree in Bengal make the festival much more exceptional. Snatch the look by wearing a beautiful red bindi, neat bun and some brilliant bits of adornments. Highlight your highlights with red lipstick and kajal and you are prepared to shake.


Tant is mainstream among Bengali ladies for each event and occasion since they are generally less expensive. It looks extraordinary on every event and women, given the circumstances. The striking thick boundaries and dazzlingpallus give the saree a particular flavour. These sarees are complicatedly woven utilizing a huge number of Indian themes. The most normal themes are paisley, flower, imperial castles, elephants, stars, blue sky, and a whole lot more. Wrap a tant saree for that agile allure and pair it with wonderful stone-studded hoops and a grip.


A little town named Baluchari is the home of Baluchari sarees. This five-yard saree for the most part has botanical plans that make the body, while the pallu has scenes from fanciful writings. Customary weaving strategies make the saree light and agreeable.

Daccai Jamdani

Jamdani was created in Dhaka as it were. Nevertheless, a significant piece of Jamdani is currently delivered in the territory of West Bengal. It is by and large straightforward, lightweight, and woven with a combination of silk and cotton. The touch and feel of Jamdani are graceful and delicate making it an ideal choice for Bengal's moist environment. It takes around 2 months to weave one saree. It is an absolute necessity have for high profiled occasions, parties, weddings.

Tussar silks

Malda, a town in West Bengal is known for Tussar silk. It is finished and refined from the hives of mulberry. They certainly are images of the state. Regularly, the patta and the buti style of this saree is renowned among Bengali ladies. Likewise, the Kantha line work is frequently seen on Tussar silk sarees.


A garad is an unadulterated silk saree portrayed by a plain white or greyish body and a basic hued line and a striped pallu. The most famous garad sarees have a red line and pallu, yet they are additionally accessible in different tones.


Kantha a style of weaving that began in the Bolpur-Santiniketan locale of West Bengal and is broadly used to design sarees in a wide range of textures. The Kantha weaving is described by the 'running join', which is constantly done by hand utilizing shaded strings and can shape exceptionally detailed and many-sided designs. The excellence of kantha work is best included on unadulterated silk and tussar silk sarees.

All these extremely vivid sarees make Indian women fall head over heels for sarees. The pure elegance of these sarees is what is most special about every one of them. Visit Jyonell's website for more information.