Tips to Look Gorgeous in Office Wear Sarees

The ultimate attire for the modern Indian women is saree, the traditional or cultural clothing in the Indian subcontinent. Nothing looks sexier than a woman in a saree. But most women have demoted this traditional attire to special occasions like marriage or party. Only a handful consider saree as office wear, because of the multiple questions popping up in your mind, How would I look? everyone will stare at me.

Let’s accept the fact that styling saree for your workplace is different, way different than what you can imagine. The 9 yards of clothing needs a new dimension to carry at your workplace. In the professional space, it should look effortlessly stylish, highly comfortable and outspeak your attitude. If you can compile all this in your look, you could have a very good impression in your workplace. 

There are plenty of examples of Indian women donning the traditional attire in the national or the international arena, presenting a bold outspoken attitude, Sushma Swaraj, Indira Gandhi, Nirmala Sitharaman or Smriti Irani.

All sarees are not suitable for your workplace. Office wear sarees should be simple with solid colours like Crisp Cottons, cotton silks, and Bhagalpuri sarees.

But let me tell you why saree should be considered as daily office wear:

  • Sarees prepare you for every occasion: All of you must have seen the famous image of Sushma Swaraj standing in the international meets with leaders from different countries. Was she wearing formal shirts and trousers? No. Saree is the perfect professional attire. Most corporates, diplomats, politicians wear sarees when they attend a formal event. It marks a very good impression among your clients.
  • Sarees make a style statement: In a workplace where almost all wear jeans and shirts or Kurtis and leggings, a saree makes you stand out in the crowd. A number of heads are confirmed to turn towards you, wherever you go.
  • Sarees are adaptable to any weather: You can customize the material of your saree according to the weather outside. Printed silks during winters and cotton and linen during summers.

There are a few pointers that must be kept in mind while wearing sarees.

  • Get the colour combination right: Your office ambience demands colours which are both subtle and stylish. Bold vibrant prints should be put off. Mellowed hues or simpler tones are good for finesse in your sarees.
  • Blouse choice is important: Your blouse should be such that it complements your saree. Try pairing it with the same colour as your saree, if you choose contrasting ones, be wise with your choices. Boat necks, collar necks, long sleeves, edgy back designs are some which make your blouse standout.
  • Right accessories: Do not overdo with accessories. A catchy necklace or a statement bangle or a simple earring suffices. Wooden jewellery and fancied terracotta accessories would also compliment your professional attire. 
  • Simple Hairstyles: Workplace is not meant for messy hair. A simple hairdo with saree perfectly replicates professionalism. Keep your hairstyle neat, and your hair clean to appear edgy. Fine ponytails, sleek hair buns, well-braided hair also look incredibly elegant with office wear sarees.
  • Wear watch: Watch is something which injects professionalism to a saree. Watch has an inbuilt trait to give you a formal look. Pair it with your saree to make your professional look more vibrant.
  • Keep your makeup neutral: Your workplace is not a place to flaunt your shimmery makeup, with red lipstick or a highlighter. Opt for a no-fuss neutral makeup. Keep it as simple and effortless as you can.

The above tips are enough to make a statement with your office wear sarees. Many underestimate the professionalism in traditional wear, but it is a lot more appealing than blazers and suits. Make your right choices and go on flaunting.

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