Things to remember while shopping fabric

“Never judge a book by its cover.” Indeed, never trust the external appearance of something. From a pen to gold, things appear to be different when scrutinized. Dressing is a fundamental piece of one’s life. It determines the confidence of a person. Notwithstanding, a gorgeous outfit with a nauseous cloth, makes all the money and efforts go in vain. Therefore, there are few things to remember while shopping fabric.

Fabric is the nub of every clothing. One has to be very careful while selecting it. It is the heart and soul of every inch you put on. It doesn’t matter how great it’s looking however; the wrong fabric can make one look like a disaster. Let’s have a look at the types of natural fabric.

Types of Natural Fabric

  • Cotton Fabric- Cotton fabric is the world’s most used and popular material. It is the most extremely comfortable fabric that has been used to make clothing from thousands of years.It allows the skin to breathe in hot and humid environment with its airy characteristic. There are many different types of cotton fabric throughout the world. The tremendous amount of variety of cotton market is found worldwide.
  • Silk Fabric- Silk is called the “Queen of fibers”. There’s no such fabric so loved and luxurious than silk. It has an insulating quality that keeps the skin warm throughout cold. Other than being a fabric with such good characteristics, it is environment friendly. It is famous for its vibrant colours, beautiful drape and soft yet luxurious appeal. Moreover, its light and strong to wear.
  • Linen Fabric- Linen is the most premium natural fiber. It is extracted from the flax plant. Besides being soft, linen fabric is stronger and more lustrous than cotton fabric. However, due to its poor elasticity it is prone to wrinkle easily.
  • Woolen Fabric- The woolen fiber extracted from sheepskin is used for the production of jackets, shawls, sweater, hats etc. This fabric is purely winter fabric which is pleasant and comfortable to wear, yet keeps the body warm.

In the era of new media, e-commerce has taken place widely. The demand for ethnic clothing has increased tremendously. There is an increased demand for online saree in USA, Australia and many more countries. However, to make a good purchase, below mentioned are few things to remember while shopping fabric.

Things to Remember While Purchasing Fabric

  • Weight of The Fabric- Whenever you go for shopping, you must be clear about what you want. Depending on the occasion, you should first have a clear picture of what you desire. Depending on the factors like what are you going to use it for, you should select the fabric. Before jumping to other things, the weight of the fabric should be your first priority. The weight of fabric lies between the thickness of material. It can be heavy, medium or light weighted. Besides, if you’re looking for a fabric for home interiors you should select the heavy one. However, for sarees or Kurtis nothing compares to the light weighted fabric.
  • Scrutinize the Drape and feel- A good-looking piece with an uncomfortable feel can ruin the whole mood. Comfort and glamour go hand in hand. Without comfort, the elegance is a havoc. Therefore, the feel and the texture of fabric on your skin plays a vital role.
  • Different fabrics have different drapes- The drape of a fabric determines its flow. It is the key element in choosing the type of fabric. Particularly, firm textures have less drape, and fluid textures have more drape. The texture relies on the core material and its quality. For example, if you’re looking for a flowy gown then you should go for the fabric with a soft drape. However, in case of more structured gown you should opt for a stiff fabric. So, depending on comfort and feel, you should consider the drape of fabric.
  • Examine the material-  Understanding the material of a fabric is very important. This helps in making better purchasing decision. Moreover, it helps in determining the durability of the fabric. There are number of factors that influence the quality of a fabric.
    The material of a fabric involves the texture, colour resistance, weaving technique, fiber quality, stretch etc. Certainly, while buying a fabric you should examine the material thoroughly. Think about your own body structure too. Since it can change how the whole outfit fits your body.
    From comfortable printed cotton to the ostentatious silk fabric, the list is endless. Nevertheless, one should not risk with the quality and façade. Always be mindful before jumping to the final decision. Above mentioned are the few things to remember while shopping fabric. Besides, it will make your shopping a happy one.

    Making a choice in the selection of a fabric can be a difficult task. However, it can be easy if you know what you want. Moreover, never compromise with the comfort and style. What you wear, determines your self-confidence. Jyonell creations bring you the most desired fabric for your every ethnic occasion. We have a great collection of other Bengali sarees and jamdani sarees in USA. Besides, it would be a great addition to your ethnic collection. Moreover, we provide the best fabrics by keeping in mind the needs of the diverse customers.