The Summer Look Book : Comfortable In Cotton

The hot glaring season has made its entry into the Indian subcontinent. Temperatures are set to go high; people reluctant to move outdoors in the morning. What’s the tough part is how to dress yourself to keep yourself comfortable in such hot conditions or in places where the humidity makes you feel stinky and you sweat like you are having a bath. And the way to keep yourself in comfort is choosing the best from the wardrobe or keeping an entirely separate wardrobe befitting the Indian summers.
Men are likely to go for light-wash denim and corduroy, while women search for statement trainers and sustainable fashion. Your clothes must ensure comfort; looking good is important and equally important is being comfortable, you cannot wear clothes that make you sweat like a pig. In places where humidity is very high, for example, Kolkata, cotton and linen clothes are the best for the season. While men find it easy to put on comfortable summer clothes, women often find it tough. What is even tougher is choosing sarees which would be comfortable for the summers.
Sarees have to be comfortable to pull off in the summers. Summer sarees are specially designed and created to wear in these hot days. They are airy, light-weight with minimal embroidery and embellishments. Bright prints and vibrant hues are often used to make the summer cotton sarees look vibrant, energetic and attractive.

Cotton sarees

Every collection will have summer cotton sarees, the reason being the cotton fibre, breezy, light-weight and absorbent making it perfect for the hot and sweaty season. Cotton has an added advantage to take on colours beautifully and hence can be easily dyed with any range of colours, making you look vibrant and attractive.
Summer cotton sarees usually have bold and natural motifs. Hand blocking printing and Resham embroidery are employed to enhance the vibrance of these summer cotton sarees.
Occasions like weddings and parties demand fancy, elegant garments. Summer sarees can become very uncomfortable and stingy if they are of this variety. Designers have come to the rescue with many elegant and comfortable prints to dress in Indian weddings. Interesting prints and glittering designs are used to decorate these sarees. These sarees sport attractive hues of pink, yellow, green and red, to suffice the demands of weddings.

Net and Tissue

Another interesting fibre for the summers is net and tissue. These fibres are favourite among the designers and are often seen to feature in the designer collections meant for special occasions. Pretty sequin work and embroidered borders make the net sarees glamorous and comfortable for the summer season.

Ombre sarees

The dual-tone or ombre saree is another interesting one suitable for the summer season. These sarees have two distinct tones. The visual contrast makes it more appealing. These sarees hardly have embroideries or embellishments, which make them suitable for outdoor events during the summer months.
The percentage of recycled fibres and fabrics has seen a significant rise among the retail brands as consumers are seen to demand more sustainable clothing. Khadi has again made its way into the clothing industry. The reappearance of reversible clothing is also a confrontation of sustainable clothing. Interesting prints like the Madhubani designs have become trendy in recent times.

Style Tips

Hues of sarees that you choose are also essential to give you a perfect look in the hot weather. Cool blueprints with your blouse-tucked in or a white shirt will complement. Pairing a ravishing red summer cotton saree with a piece of oxidized jewellery would be the perfect take. Green drapes speak style; these are among the must-have ones in your closet, pair with a bright smile to make you look more gorgeous.
Choose a more relaxed blouse design instead of a tight or a body-hugging type to avoid feeling stingy. Summer sarees should be accessorised using light-weight, ethnic jewellery. Silver pendants, colourful beaded necklaces, wooden bangles could be some of the best accessories to complement your summer sarees. This will add a unique touch and keeps the feminine vibe of the sari alive. The minimalist style is never out of fashion. You can choose from the minimalist earrings to a minimal bracelet, to give you a subtle look. Sunglasses add to the styling quotient. The effortless makeover makes you look elegant and at the same time protects your eyes from the sun. Carry essentials like light-weight bag strikes the balance between functionality and style. Get on one to look trendy and classy.
Get on with a sari, nail it with a complementing accessory and you’re good to go. Visit The Vama store for beautiful sarees.