Still a Bengali girl's best friend!

Still a Bengali girl's best friend!

Sarees are absolutely a symbol of Bengal and represent its diversity and rich culture. Bengali sarees represent an elegant style that is now worn in many parts of the country.

Saree vs Western wear

Every way a person dresses leaves an enduring mark ontheir personality. Originally, attires were used to cover and protect the private parts of the body, though, as intelligent beings, the evolution of dressing also did evolve with time. There is no doubt that sarees characterize the culture of India and signifies a women’s way of life. Styling of the saree is a representation of different civilizations.

Being the land of diverse culture, ethics, and high morale, India involves a wide range of clothing styles. Around the world, India is known as the land of different traditions which concludes that Indian roots are the symbol of traditional dressing. Every state in India has its different way of dressing, which defines their culture and beliefs. WhereSaree is almost equally adored by Indian women due to its everlasting elegance and elegant appeal. Though, modern women in India are moving more towards the different forms of western clothing styles like jeans, skirts, dresses, etc. Now, this creates the conflict of Saree vs Western wear. Many questions arise asto what the reasons are and what creates the differences between putting on the loosened drape and the western wears.


Sari might be considered as atrendyattire now, but before it started as being a normal drape clothing used by women many years ago. The origin of the clothing or the garment comparable to the sari can be seen back in theera of the Indus Valley Civilization, which originatedfrom the period during 2800–1800 BC in the northern side of India.

In the beginning, the fabric used in the saree was cotton, cultivated firstly in the Indian subcontinent. The cultivation was done by weaving the cotton, which began during the era itself. Further, the weavers used dyes to produce the unsewed drape for women to hide their self-effacement.

Whereas western clothing wear has got its style from the 19th century called the wild west. The representation of this clothing wear comes from historical origins like the wars, cowboys, and developers. Western wear also is termed as quite informal with simple jeans and t-shirt to being formal like tailored attires.

Why pick Saree?

Whenever it comes to Indian traditional celebrations, which include festivals, pujas, or weddings. Saree is always preferred over any other western clothing style. Some people might choose western clothing but without a saree no Indian celebration is complete. Even, the Indian wedding without those beautiful and shiny drapes are considered imperfect. No western clothing can match the elegance and appeal of a saree.This is the reason why the saree is always the first clothing choice of almost every Indian woman.

Furthermore, a great number of the western clothing style features tight fit which is considered as an issue by maximum Indian women as they are generally recognized for their hourglass figures. Also, there cannot be any denial that the saree is one the most beautiful outfit for most Indian women even nowadays many NRIs and foreign women embrace it.

Even though there are many regions in India having different names and various kinds of methods for draping but the concept which are followed are the same. Saree is the most significant clothing for women in India, especially in rural areas where it is the most precise way of dressing up. In urban areas sarees are worn occasionally on different festive or cultural occasions.

Impact of Western wear

As per many people in the country and reports, the effect of Westernization in the clothing industry is ruining the ethnic clothing style of the Indian culture. For instance, in India, one of the traditional dressy attire for women is saree and other clothing but nowadays many people are going towards western clothing like jeans, tee-shirts, and even the younger generation is impacted by the western wear like wearing skirts tops, etc. Also, the reports state that there are approximately 27% of western clothing in the country. This is affecting to change the mindset of people towards fashion in India.

Although the impact is high, but women will always havepassion for traditional wear and, sarees will always be their prioritybecause every Indian occasion is incomplete without these beautiful and graceful drapes.
Sarees vs Western wear styling can be decided with thoughts people carry about fashion but without any doubt, sarees are now influencing the western market as well. And will be the main part of an event for a woman.

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