Steps to Wear a Saree

 Saree is one of the oldest unstitched and the most popular garments of all times. It is known as the most elegant women’s wear of all times. It is said to be a pretty canvas decorated with beautiful jewellery, prints and a perfect artistic weave. To wear a saree is to help yourself conquer the entire world.

To look beautiful in a saree, you must know how to drape it first. As those who know how to master the art of draping a saree is to master the technique of looking royal and elegant. Since we all know that sarees have a long history and that it is very much a part of our culture. It is the only apparel that has been passing from generation to generation.

However, only draping the saree in the correct way is not enough. Instead, adding just a right amount of makeup as well as crafting your saree look with some beautiful light jewellery definitely add wonders to your saree look.

In addition to creating a perfect saree look, there are some things which you need to keep in mind. Let’s keep it simple; do you just pick up any mismatch saree-blouse material and just wear it? Furthermore, do you just pair your saree with a random wrong pair of shoes, so that people start judging you!? Yes, you read that right. It is rightfully said, “The first thing that people notice about you is your feet.” Hence, you must pair your saree with just the beautiful pair of shoes.

There are many women in this world who know how to perfectly drape a saree. Yet, there are some who still struggle to wear a saree, regardless of the number of times their mothers or grandmothers have taught them to drape a perfect saree. It is a universal truth that no matter how grown up a woman you are, there are times when you need your mother’s guidance in order to just drape a perfect saree in style.

Even there are some, who have absolutely zero knowledge on how to wear a saree. Also, there are some who face a constant struggle of wearing a saree. To wear a saree, especially when you stay outside, totally on your own, can be a nightmare for those who don’t know how to wear it.

Regardless of the struggles that you face, we are here to guide you throughout each and every step on how to wear a saree and that too in style. We assure you just 10 to 15 minutes of your day which you shall be needing to wear a saree and create a perfect look.

  • Prepare the right materials

To create a stunning saree look, all the materials that you need are saree, blouse, petticoat, jewellery, footwear, safety pins, makeup.


  • Learn the basics

Wear petticoat-blouse. Though the blouse can be of any colour, the petticoat’s colour must match with that of your saree, and the petticoat must be tied firmly. Now, put on your perfect footwear, for it is the right shoes that will help add beauty to your appearance.


  • Basics of saree

Start off by tucking in a portion of your saree into the petticoat. After you’re done, figure out the fall on the saree, and now begin to twist it around your waist. Gradually, start tucking it into the petticoat. A proper distance must be maintained between the saree and your footwear so that no point of your saree gets stuck under your footwear.


  • Pleat it just right

Once the saree has been twisted and tucked in, start using your fingers and thumb. This is the step where you have to make perfect pleats, one at a time. You should gather all the pleats without disturbing the portion of saree that has been tucked in. even the pleats should be tucked in such a way that none of it budges, otherwise, the entire look will get disturbed.

The pleats must be tucked in such a way, that the pleated sides fall right below your navel.


  • Start draping

Take the remaining portion of your saree, and make a round from right to left. Now, take the pallu, that is the decorative part of your saree, and pleat its top edges. After pleating the pallu, bring it under your right arm and place it on your left shoulder. Now, let the end of your saree fall below your knees.

There is even an option to unfold the pleats of the pallu if you want to allow your pallu to fall elegantly over your arm.


  • Hook it first

If you are apprehensive regarding your saree getting lose and causing you utmost embarrassment in public, then safety pins are there for your rescue. After wearing your saree, don’t forget to secure your pallu with a safety pin.  Secure the pallu from inside of the blouse.


You can even secure the 1stever pleat that you had made and tucked in, with a safety pin, so that you don’t feel the urge to adjust the pleat, again and again. Also, securing the pleat will help you avoid the feeling of the pleat getting budged and unmanageable.

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