Silk? Cotton? Which Saree Material is the best?

Sarees are the root of Indian traditional wear for women. From the historical times' sarees were worn by every woman to cover their entire body, be it the queen of an Empire or a common lady. Wearing a saree all the time is a problem in itself. The problem doesn't end here as the women do all the household chores and cooking and farming activities wearing this huge piece of clothing.

Pondering on all these issues, we can figure out the amount of hassle they face wearing a saree. So many options popped up to make the saree a bit comfortable, the first and foremost thing that hit the evolving mass was to bring some difference in the material of the clothing to make it easy and smooth on the skin. So they came up with various materials depending on the requirements like weather change, occasional, tradition etc.

Slowly sarees started to turn into evergreen fashion trend as every aspect like comfort, style, elegance is given utmost priority. Till date saree has been an integral part of Indian cultural and traditional weddings. The traditional saree is not just another cloth but has significant meaning and symbolism attached to it in the form of colours or designs. The artwork, patterns and colours of the saree depict beliefs, virtues and a mini description of the region from where the person belongs. Various saree material in today's market includes cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette, synthetic etc.

But the most popular among all these materials are cotton and silk fabrics. Let's have an elaborate discussion on both silk and cotton fabric.

Natural fabrics and good energies

Natural fabrics like silk and cotton are preferred to wear as it keeps our body healthy, soothing and free from any kind of allergies. Here we take into account a different aspect of wearing natural fabrics. Our body exhibits and inhibits energies in various forms. So it is considered that synthetic materials block the energy positive energy flow in our body and harms our health. It is said that energy movement in our body, in Earth and in the Universe are all in the same way and repeat in a circular manner. This circular motion of energies in our body helps us to stay fit. Any kind of energy that comes towards our body first touches our garments and then it enters into our body and gets channelized to every part of the internal body. So wearing cotton or silk sarees can be highly beneficial to get your body pumped with positive energies and flushing out negative ones.

About Silk sarees

Silk sarees are of great demand in India and also there are many varieties of silk sarees that are known for their elegance and artwork and efforts that go into its weaving. Silk sarees vary from the everyday sarees to royal, elegant Kanjeevaram, Banarasi, Baluchari. Silk fabric comes to India from China through the famous silk route. Silk is generated by the cocoon of silkworm by a spinning process. The fine threads are then dipped into coloured liquids and weaved with utmost care to bring out the wonderful piece of saree. Silk sarees are expensive because of the intricate artwork that goes in. In most of the silk sarees, gold or silver zari work is done on pallus or over the complete saree. These sarees are handled with a lot of care to prevent any kind of damage.

About Cotton sarees

 Cotton sarees are an integral part of every Indian women's wardrobe. Just like the silk sarees cotton sarees to have a lot of variations like Kota Doria, cotton jamdani, Sambalpuri and also the tant cotton sarees. Cotton sarees were in usage from the start of saree wearing during the Indus valley civilization. The process of weaving cotton saree starts tightly bound yarns that are coloured by using dyeing stuff and further removing it for weaving.

A bit of comparison

Cotton sarees are always in demand as compared to silk sarees because of its lightweight and transparency. They are comfortable to wear in all occasions and any climatic conditions all around India. Of course, the grandeur on cotton sarees can't be ignored as it's the best option for office formal wear for today's working women. Expensive cotton sarees do not need dry-cleaning as in the case of silk sarees. Maintaining a cotton saree is a far easier job than silk once as the only thing you need to do is to dip it in starch water occasionally.


Whatsoever be your choice of picking sarees depending on the fabric but surely there wouldn't be any comprised in your comfort and style. The market will always be flooding with new varieties and trends with the changing times. But being comfortable with every new trend and uniquely styling up yourself, will surely enhance your confidence and elegance and who better than Jyonell can personify elegance.