What is that one outfit which you think can never be a wrong choice? The only answer that comes to my mind is Sarees. Being the oldest garment worn by women from not just India but other western countries, thanks to digital marketing, saree is a bag of elegance, grace and glamour all packed in one making it one of the reasons for an ultimate choice for an outfit.
No matter our love for western clothes, the love and attachment with ethnic wear, especially sarees is incomparable. Despite it being 6 or 9 yards long, they are a woman’s go-to grab option as it commands respect, attention and makes them stand out.


Perfect for every occasion –
Be it a wedding, formal event birthday party or even a business meeting, wearing a saree is the go-to option for mostly all Indian women who are looking to impress and be graceful with a side touch of being glamorous. With various options to choose from like silk, chiffon, cotton, georgette, crepe and many more along with different colour schemes paired with attractive embroidery, saree is the ultimate outfit which fits every occasion without any hassle.

Elegance at its peak –
Though draping can itself be a task; the transformation saree takes you with is indescribable. By styling it the way you want, it accentuates and does justice to the occasion at hand all the while giving you the relief from the discomfort of jeans or a body-hugging dress. Further, adding a unique touch to the draping of a saree it builds one’s confidence and fully gratifies the look of the attire.

Body friendly –
One of the main struggles women go through to attend a party or just a gathering is ‘what to wear?’ It can take them ampletime to just come upwith an outfit that they deem as fit for their body type without making them conscious of their love handles or their lack of trendy outfits. Emerging as a lifesaver, wearing saree arises as an ultimate outfit choice as it never fails to provide comfort and boosts the confidence of women with any body shape and size.

High on versatility –
Fusion is the new trend setter. No matter the personality that you carry, be it tomboyish or girly or be it shoulder-length hair or bob cut, sarees have the versatility to blend in with your character and add a unique beauty to it. Aesthetic appeal on par with comfort is the mainstay nowadays. And so, mixing and matching various articles of clothing like t-shirts, pants or even waist belts with sarees depending on personality, can enhance and make you look splendid, making saree as the most viable option.

Always in trend –
Saree is the only article of clothing that never goes out of fashion. Just a small change in the draping of a saree can emerge as a new trend and bring you into the limelight for all the perfect reasons. Not only this, but they are also season friendly. The arrival or departure of seasons doesn’t affect the trend of sarees. Depending on the fabric of clothing like silk material for winters and cotton for summers along with the design of blouses like backless, three-fourth length, etc. sarees are fit to be worn all year long.


Gone are the days when the only way to buy sarees was through stepping inside into dozens of stores and draping every other sarees to make the ultimate outfit suitable for all occasions. With modern technologies and digital marketing being highly in trend, buying sarees online has become one of the most convenient acts with it reaching global clientele as well.
A lot of well- known stores dealing in sarees have ventured online, making it easier to buy authentic and good quality sarees to choose from worldwide and stocking them up in the closets with best out of all drapes.

Jyonell Creations is one such premium retail company that operates digitally and provides authentic handmade sarees like Jamdani, Baluchari, Bishnupuri, Kantha and Tant, suitable for all occasions and body types. They envision bringing attention to the heritage of Bengali artwork and textile that have deeply rooted connections to Bengal and its culture. These sarees are designed extensively with dexterity, human labour and flawless work of skilled craftsmanship, coming all the way from Bengal to all its global clientele to ace the ethnic game. What makes them standout is there capacity to provide optimal cost structures without compromising their quality and design all the while maintaining focus on operational excellence.

Thus, we can speak with surety that with constant migration of people and the society becoming highly dependent on digitization, sarees have revolutionized the Indian fashion. Having made their name across the whole globe, it is the only article of clothing which never goes out of style and represents elegance, grace and glamour.