Popular Bengal Cotton Sarees

Bengal has always been famous for its culture and traditions. The Durga puja festival of Bengal is famous all across the world along with the variety of sweets it has to offer. A large population of Bengal earns a living through weaving. Every district is home to artisan communities and weaving clusters, where each group specializes in a particular variety of handloom weaving.
Bengal produces a wide variety of cotton and silk sarees in the country. Popular handloom sarees like tant, Jamdani, etc. let us discuss and know about each variety of handloom sarees.


Tant is a traditional cotton handloom Bengali saree and has been a part of the culture for a long time. The tant sarees are lightweight and have an airy texture which is especially suited for tropical climate. Since West Bengal has the same climate and has long summers, this type of saree is best for keeping us airy. 
The sarees have a characteristic feature which distinguishes them from the rest. They have thick borders and a decorated palla, woven with artistic and creative motifs and embroidery. 
The Murshidabad, Nadia, and Hooghly districts of West Bengal are home for the weaving of tant sarees and they are typically famous for it. The affordability of the fabric led to its increase in demand among the folks. During, Mughal reign as the royalties settled for Jamdani and muslin fabric, tant sarees was adopted by the folks and highly enjoyed. This could be said to be the beginning of its popularity.


Jamdani is the finest and ancient form of weaving sarees. They are available in pure cotton fabric, a combination of silk and cotton and pure silk fabric. Today we will focus on cotton fabric.
Jamdani sarees have emerged from the districts of Bangladesh, popularly known as Dhakai Jamdani. The evidence says that the production and requirement of Jamdani sarees reached its peak during the Mughal reign. It was one of the fabric highly accepted and adorned by the royals. It is considered to be the finest type of muslin. Jamdani sarees are as light as feather and are a blend of Mughal patronage along with Indian culture.
The sarees are generally weaved with cotton and gold threads. We find intricate embroidery, mostly floral with vibrant coloured sarees. Out of all the colours used, the vibrant Red colour became the most iconic piece of art and represented the entire variety.


Muslin is a type of woven cotton fabric and is widely known for its lightweight due to its lighter and looser weave. They are the finest variety of Bengal cotton sarees and its fineness makes it almost transparent and exotic to behold. Here, Jamdani weaving technique is used. The prices of the sarees depend upon its fineness and work. It may range from affordable thousands to lakhs.
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