Outfit Ideas for Your Friend's Wedding

Friends are family that you choose for yourself. And when it's about their big day, we want nothing less than perfection. The sheer delight is often too overwhelming that we don't get enough time to think about what we should wear on their special day.

Let's be honest ladies, time is not really the problem, it is this commitment to look our best by leaving no stones unturned. We know how important it is to match up to the charisma of the bride while not completely outshining her. We also know how you desire to nail those wedding pictures and selfies with all your friends. Stay put! We have come to your aid.

With all the influence and supremacy of the western culture in India, it is nearly impossible to persevere with our long-established traditions. However, a saree, in that case, is timeless.

It epitomizes the continuity of our heritage as a symbol of the timelessness of Indian fashion. In spite of the emergence of various Western wear from worldwide, saree remains to be the hot favourite for almost every occasion.
A saree is how you want it to be. It can be an heirloom passed down through generations, a daily-wear functional garment, a runway outfit, a wedding outfit and what not! This six yards of pure grace can actually be your best friend. It is considered to be the most versatile and respectable garment to date.

Therefore, we have curated a comprehensive list of traditional and contemporary outfit Ideas for your Friend's Wedding with just one garment i.e. a saree.


Is it a pant-set? Is it a saree? Let them wonder with this twist to the classic saree. Leaving behind the struggles of draping a saree that takes nothing less than an hour, this pant saree is a gift to the fashion industry.

Any piece that's worn today marks the existence and importance of culture and heritage in defining newer fashion trends. Such is this 50-year-old clothing tradition called a Chaugoshiya. They were worn by Hyderabadimuslim women during their wedding. Its lineage can be traced back to the Mughal times when empress Noor Jahan called Turkish and Persian craftsmen in the 17th century to design something exclusively for noble Mughal women. This style was then adopted and modified by the next generations and finally giving rise to its emergence as a 'pant saree'.

This indo-western outfit isn't just a treat for the style, the comfort it provides is paramount. Wear stilettos and dazzling jewellery to unveil the diva in you.

2.Belt up

Upgrade your traditional style of a saree with a touch of West! Put on a broad belt on your waist or a Kamar bandh to add glamour, chicness, and statement to your look. Being confined to the strictly functional use of men, belts have come a long way. They were made to represent the power and status of soldiers. Hence, it is also called power-dressing in the present time. A belt cinches your waist and gives your figure a slender shape. In other words, if you want an enviable figure, this should be your pick. However, it doesn't take away attention from the saree too. You can experiment with the type of belt, depending upon the saree material and the theme of the wedding. From fabric belts to leather belts, choose accordingly. Plus, it will help keep your saree in place even after all those crazy dance performances.


3.Saree with a twist (literally)

Women will be women! Wishing for the 'best outfit' tag at her wedding? We heard from you. You are a few drapes away from that...
Draping a saree for many women in India is well known but the different appealing styles to drape it can change the whole game.

One of the most effortless ways of draping the pallu and yet the most fashionable is the around the neck method. Wear your saree the regular way and take the loose end of your pallu around the neck as an accessory instead of leaving it on the shoulder. Sounds fun?

You can avoid wearing a neckpiece as the pallu has successfully fulfilled that job. You can, however, add a brooch for that extra oomph! Wear big jhumkas to complete the look. Even though it is a sin to look better than the bride, this bohemian look would definitely turn some heads.


4.Statement blouse

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. Decking up is not for everyone, and it is understandable.Take a chill pill and replace your brocades and heavy lehengas with lightweight sarees in breathable fabric and with minimalistic details. Now you may think "minimalistic" isn't exactly what comes to your mind when it is an Indian wedding. It must have the spice and drama. That may be right until you know how to put on display the best part of your 'simple' outfit.

Go for an understated saree like a plain Chiffon saree and amp it up with a jazzed up blouse. It is a safe way to portray your experimental side while still being conservative. It will instantly draw attention to your outfit as the contrast will make you more noticeable. Don't blend in with the crowd, it is afterall your friend's wedding! Leave those tresses open and wear minimal jewellery to maintain the subtlety.


5.Saree not sorry!

A 'Lehenga' will always be 'The Dress' of the wedding. With its feminine charm and intricate beauty, it never seems to be out of fashion. Lehenga choli became popular as an attire amongst women mainly in North India. While it continues to undergo transitions with time and different cultural heritages have influenced it vividly. Some of its variations are known as shararas, ghararas and lachas.

What if we told you that you don't have to compromise lehengas if all you have is 'sarees' in your shopping list.You can wear a half & half sareewith the help of several plaits tucked around the waist to give an illusion of a lehenga,you can easily convert the regular saree to something more elaborate and beautiful like a lehenga. Make sure the pallu falls over your left shoulder with the other end being tucked in your waist.

6.Go Classic

A saree is one of the most quintessential dresses to wear to an Indian wedding. The sheer elegance of a saree never goes out of trend.

Although music, dancing and dramatized arrangements in weddings can totally wear you out, you are what you wear and you don't want to bargain with fashion on a wedding day. If you are keen on wearing a highly disciplined and traditional attire that also provides you with the best comfort, you should stick to the classics. And nothing else than a Banarasi Art Silk or a Chanderi Silk saree fits the purpose. You can never fall flat with a Kanjeevaram or a classic Chikankarisaree as well. Their unique designs and ornate detailing with luxurious fabric makes the saree apt for wedding ceremonies. Wear ornaments that are age-old to unleash the traditional side of you.

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