Old is Gold: 5 ways to style heirloom sarees

If we go by the definition of the word ‘heirloom’ it simply means any article or commodity that is passed down to the future generations of any family from one member to the other. I am sure, the moment you read those lines, your most prized heirloom possession must have cruised your mind. The heirlooms, although, hold a very symbolic and significant value in our lives because they are not just any piece of object, they have emotions and history affixed to them. You feel proud to inherit them and you just try to figure out any occasion or event to sneak them out of the hiding and exhibit them in their full glory. Now, the wedding and festival season is just round the corner, you know that means right? It’s time to flaunt those exquisitely gorgeous and artistically designed heirloom sarees. With this blog, we are going to share some heirloom saree styles that will simply make heads turn in your way.
  • Crop it out- Heirloom sarees with a stylized twist are dead gorgeous combination. The Silk sarees, the Banarasi sarees and the ornate Kanjivaram sarees that were calling out to wear them have their chance. You can definitely go with your “regular” saree look but what is the fun it that? Notch it up a bit by creating a crop top out of the sumptuous sarees mentioned above. It can be sleeveless or it can be a shirt styled. The designs and the patterns of the saree will impart a traditional look but the attire will assuredly make you feel at par with the trend.
  • Dangle the Dupatta- Even though heirloom sarees are worth to die for, they are extremely difficult to preserve. Every time they were worn, some hazard contributed to their story. There might be a thread pulled out, a burn from iron, a stubborn stain or the most infamously famous safety pin jerk tear which makes it impossible to adorn the saree as a whole. I know what you are thinking ‘the design is so ravishing, I wish I could wear it somehow’, we got your back. Just tailor out the saree in the form of a ‘Dupatta’. The damaged part can be omitted and a stunning dupatta can be made out of the remaining part. The intricacy on  the dupatta will give it heavier look and if you pair it a simple plain kurti or a suit, it will surely have your look enhanced to an unmatched level. And the most important part; it’s in trend.
  • Sizzle in skirt- A skirt with those elegant patterns and motifs will have the explicit attention. You can already imagine yourself twirling around with that dazzling sarees turned into a skirt. The skirt can be of a contrast design from your top/blouse or you can simply make the top from the same saree used in skirt casting a classic evenness to you look.
  • The Desired Drape- An authentically bb b draped saree is evergreen. The sheer grace and finesse with which it amplifies any look we try with it is extremely marveling. There are few famous drapes from different parts of country that are absolutely irresistible for example- Athpourey (Bengali style), Seedha Pallu(Gujarti style), Mohiniattam (Andhra Pradesh) and Nivi (Andhra Pradesh). You cannot go wrong with these styles but they will require a tad bit of practice and effort but if you do not want the hassle you can go with our all time comfort drape; the open pallu. Experimenting with style of drapes can really give you a unique and distinguished look and the heirloom sarees are just made for intent.
  • Alluring Accessories- The clothing accessories which add the oomph factor in your look can be created from the sarees. You can design an enriched shrug, a potli or wallet from the silk sarees, a Kanjivaram saree can be a perfect fit for a scarf or shawl or a waistband with heavy border to serve as a belt for a simple chiffon or cotton saree.
You can also use your sarees as bed spreads or cushion covers, some minimal ones can serve as curtains or table cloth. The list can actually go on and beyond just the dressing purpose. I hope you found our blog helpful and you would give a shot at it. Now don’t wait, it’s time to dash into your mom’s or grand mom’s closet and pick your outfit for ‘the’ day.
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