We all wish to look our best at all times. The one word popping into my head is glamorous, having heard of looking good at all times. Does it sound weird or over-rated? It might sound so for many of us. But is there a need to look at it suspiciously. You, yes it’s you who I am talking to!
On the contrary, we often find ourselves using this adjective for actresses and influencers. Why is it so that women in front of the cameras are always thought to be glamorous? Maybe it is/was not the mindset, but we women ourselves created it.
A person does not become glamorous if he/she has the capability to stand in front of the camera and perform. That is, of course, courageous but glamorous – this might be an unnecessarily used adjective. Glamour comes from within, not the plastic and chemicals you adorn yourself with. Each of us is glamorous in our own way, only if we gather the confidence to admit it.
Have you thought why do you call actresses glamorous? I am guessing no for an answer, who thinks of what’s spoken. Though psychologists might term this little bit of flashback as to ‘holding to the past’. But past is not always dark, shady or bad. Well, your childhood is past, your marriage is a memory of the past, the day you started working is past – but do you hesitate to remember them? In fact, these memories of the past are the reasons behind your smile today. Not going deep into psychological conversations we come to the glamour world.
So, if you sit and think as to why did you call an actress, or a businesswoman or any woman personality glamorous someday in the past? You will get the answer that it was because of the confidence in her eyes and the clothes. I might sound very hypocrite to you but let’s face it guys, clothes do matter. How well you maintain your clothes and yourself outdoors reflects a small glimpse of your personality.
The way you carry yourself, the clothes you wear, the accessories you mix-match are key areas for people to judge your glamour quotient.
Talking of the past, I would like to remind you of a long piece of cloth which is highly ignored nowadays. That long piece of cloth measures around 6 yards and is popularly known as sarees. I know you might think that sarees are our past. In fact, it is worn by a lot of women in India, especially in functions and weddings.
But I am not talking about the Manish Malhotra or Tarun Tahiliani designed sarees. Neither I am talking about Ritu Kumar's collection. I am talking about the real jewels of our country without whom, sarees would not have existed. The artisans and the handloom weavers of our country, who create magnificent art and makes a 6 yards long cloth into a masterpiece. You can feel the personal touch and the intricate and perfect work done by them.
I don’t mean to look down upon the famous costume designers of our film industry. Their creations are marvellous, no doubt about it. But my point is, why do we forget our roots and remember the fruits alone. Those designers did not forget their roots, you can still see glimpses of our heritage in their works. They have used fabrics like banarasi silk, Baluchari, Jamdani, the Bengal tant, chicken Kari works, and many more.
But the irony is, ‘we’ the residents of India can happily spend lakhs of money for the craft and appreciate it only when a designer has woven it. When it comes to buying from local sellers, we refrain from paying even a penny extra. We bargain so much as if that poor artisans will make crores out of it, instead, he/she will use it just to fill itself’s and its families stomach.
We are hearing these for decades, but we can never change. So, let us shift our attention to being glamorous. I will tell you ways in which you call look glamorous both officially (that is, office wear) and unofficially (that is casual wear) with the help of sarees. I will be using authentic, state popular sarees. Let us meet our culture again!


Office life is a very tiring as well as self-developing phase of our lives. We learn to face and strive to live in the real world. There is a very popular quote mentioned in one of the popular American T.V series saying, ‘Welcome to the real world, it sucks! You will love it’. I am sure most of us would want to agree to this. Especially after running this race called life with the only tagline of ‘survival of the fittest’. So, we thought to make this race a bit fun for you.
Office wears demands to be comfortable, easy to carry and flexible enough to allow different works of ours. See, we wear formals to offices, majorly being shirts and pants. So, let us try something more cultural, more Indian! You can wear the Bengal popular tant sarees or cotton handloom sarees. Tant is widely famous for its lightweight and transparency. It is embroidered with simple designs, majorly in the flowing section called the palla. So, it is easy to drape, carry and flaunt as well. I bet you would wish to flaunt your saree designs. Having considering all of this, what’s better than tant to wear.
Also, there are cotton handloom sarees. the soft, lightweight texture makes it best for tropical climate, giving you a cooling feeling. These are mostly printed but are also found in hand-printed or embroidered kinds.
These two sarees are the best choices to include in your workwear wardrobe. Also, it is said that sarees are usually more comfortable during summers as it allows the sir to pass and save you from the scorching heat. Also, oxidized jewellery, hair buns, eyeliner or kajal altogether will allow you to define the meaning of glamour word by word.


Hearing of the word unofficial, we can either think of staying at home or going to a function. For both places, I have the best and appropriate sarees in mind. Talking of the home first, you can go for Kantha sarees, also a Bengal creation and highly popular among women. Kantha is basically, sarees having patterns made of running stitch. All the embroidery and designing are made with the help of threads of distinct colours, all woven together by running stitch. This gives the saree a wavy and a casual look. How soothing will it be to wear this during summers? Also, the simple and colourful motifs, stitched together makes it a magnificent piece. Who says you can’t look glamorous while at home.
For your visit to function, I have the finest fabric for you. The Jamdani is the best saree to give you a heavy, dressed-up look, pertaining to the occasion or function. Jamdani sarees are woven with a mixture of cotton threads and gold threads. The golden work looks so pretty especially when intertwined with the vibrant hues of colourful cotton threads. Also, each saree has a distinctive design, no design is repeated to make a Jamdani saree. Along with the distinctive design, the sarees have different tales to unfold with the help of the motifs and the patterns used. Isn’t that glamourous in itself?
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