Is Saree a Good Idea for Office Parties?

Saree is considered a traditional dress that has been worn for centuries in India. Whether it's a marriage or everyday work or a trip to the grocery store, we have seen our mothers or grandmothers cladding saree.

While we love borrowing saree from our mother's wardrobe for the school farewell, or the traditional wear day, you may not think that this type of clothing would be appropriate for an office party, but you would be wrong! The saree can come in many different fabrics and styles, so it is easy to find one that will look perfect at your next office party. Yes, you can ditch the gown and turn heads by strutting in a saree.

We've all been to a party where the dress code is "anything goes," and that's usually when people start showing up in their sarees. If you're not sure about whether wearing a saree to an office party is appropriate, then this blog post will help! We'll discuss why it might be a good idea, which fabric material would be perfect for this type of event, and how you can choose the right one!

Is Saree a formal attire?

This is a very common question that often pops up in our minds. A saree is a formal attire. It spells power as much as a suit or dress. You'd see many Indian celebrities wearing the saree to many significant international festivals and award shows.

In fact, our favourite international celebrities from Oprah Winfrey to Victoria Beckham do not miss out on any chance to drape a saree and appear on the cover of popular magazines. Our favourite Spice Girl Victoria Beckham had confessed that she loves dressing up in Indian ethnic wear as it makes her feel like a princess.

Saree is not limited to traditional wear that you wear to only attend religious ceremonies or family functions. Depending on the material and type, it can be worn at the cocktail parties of your office, or a formal meet and greet, or a work retreat.

What kind of saree should you wear at the office party?

These guidelines can help you to choose the right saree for your office party.

  • Choose the material wisely

The silk saree is a wise choice for an office party. It's elegant and lightweight, so it provides the perfect complement to your daytime work attire without weighing you down or detracting from your professionalism. If you want something more formal that matches with evening wear as well, go for a brocade design that comes in rich tones of golds and reds that will add elegance to any outfit!

If it's summertime, then light handloom cotton can be your perfect choice. Our handloom cotton collection is exquisite and lightweight, and comes in a wide variety of deliciously saturated colors. Perfect for summertime or any warm climate!

Do not go for sheer materials or bold prints on sheer. If you want to glam up your look, pick georgettes or light crepes. If it's a casual cocktail party, georgettes with the right accessory can help you earn quite some compliments. They are less formal, yet elegant enough to wear at an office party.

  • Choose the right colours

Keeping in mind the time of the day, the colour you choose for your outfit can help bring out the best in you. If it's daytime, go for subtle pastel shades. If it's an evening party, think of dark colours like maroon, purple magenta, blue, and of course black. You can never go wrong with black.

  • Right accessories

We often think adding accessories may make us look extra. But if you balance it right, accessories can glam up your look. Earrings will make your look more elegant but they aren't the only option: try wearing gemstone jewelry such as ruby earrings for sophistication or pearl necklaces with elegantly disheveled hair when you're aiming for evening glamour! Pearls are classic, and always in style.

Pay attention to the shoes you're wearing. You can wear block heels. If you're not a hee person and want to be less adventurous yet classy, go for handcrafted banjaras. Every woman should own a few handcrafted traditional banjaras to put forward her best ethnic foot forward.

  • Draping style

There are several ways you can drape and style the saree. Draping speaks volumes about your personality and confidence. The contemporary draping styles can look great in cocktail parties, and the traditional way of keeping the pallu open looks sophisticated if carried the right way.

There are many types of fabrics available in different countries all over the world but India has always been the most popular fabric supplier. A saree is not just a piece of fabric that you buy, but it's passed on from generation to generation. So, when you buy Sarees make sure you purchase from stores that sell authentic sarees.

Jyonell Creations has an authentic collection of Handloom, Kantha, Tant, and Jamdani which are sourced from the villages of Bengal. These sarees are woven by experts and our sarees uphold the cultural heritage of the place. Visit to purchase your favourite saree and get ready to turn some heads at the next office party.