Indian Traditional Clothing

From the great Himalayas to the southern tip of Kanyakumari and from the Eastern bay to western deserts, India is truly a land of diversity and so is the Indian traditional clothing.

 Indian traditional clothes are known for their diverse and vibrant styles. Each state has its unique way of wearing the same dress, be it saree or dhoti. The fascinating thing about the clothing is that they usually consist of an unstitched material that is draped to perfection. The beauty of the clothing and its ancient origins reflects the simplicity and purity of our minds. The intricate designs, exquisite silk, soft cotton, and the beautiful colours of the clothes are a sight to behold. Each fold of cloth carries its own story and is an expression of our country’s culture and traditions.


The ethnic wear of men also differs from state to state. The men of South India usually wear lungi which differs among the state depending upon the style of draping. It is paired with an angavastram covering the upper body.
The men of north India are usually seen in a kurta, sherwani, achkan, or kameez paired with a dhoti or shalwar. Pagri or headgear is worn to symbolize one's status in society.


It is an unstitched piece of cloth draped and tucked over the lower body in men. It has various adaptions in various states. For instance, in Kerala, it is called kasavu which is plain white with golden embroidery. Whereas in Tamilnadu, a checked pattern considered as nightwear, and a plain white one, worn during formal occasions is called Veshti.


It is a rectangular piece of cloth worn as a top with sleeves extending to the wrist, hemmed and decorated. It is a loose collarless shirt with modern adaptations and with different colours and styles.


It is a rectangular, long piece of unstitched cloth worn by men as a part of daily attire as well as on formal occasions. It passes through the legs and is tucked at the back with long pleats. It has various other names in different states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, and Odisha.


They are worn on important occasions and contain intricate designs and embroidery. It dates back to the Mughals during their rule in India. People from Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Hyderabad usually opt for this lavish and royal look.



It a long piece of unstitched cloth draped around the body along with a blouse or choli. It is a symbol of elegance and strength. The styles of draping vary among the states and not mention, so do the materials. From the extravagant Kanjeevaram silk sarees to simple cotton ones, each one has its own tale to tell. The stories and cultures that these bring go far back to hundreds of years. Here are some of the exquisite varieties of sarees that will take your breath away.

1.KANJEEVARAM SAREES- From the temple town of Tamilnadu, these are definitely of royalty. With the richness of pure silk and a tint of gold, these sarees give you the extravagance and luxury of look.

2.TANT SAREES- Hailing from the land of Bengal, these beautiful cotton sarees are a symbol of simplicity and purity. With their fine border and intricate designs as well as the beautiful colours of red and white, these make a wonderful addition to your collection.

3.BANARASI SAREES- one of the finest of creations, these sarees find their origin in the ancient city of Varanasi. They are known for their embellished gold and silver brocade and rich silk.

Others also include nauvari saree, bandhani saree, bomkai saree, chikankari sarees, kasavu saree, etc. represent the diverse and vibrant colours of our culture.


These consist of a salwaar, which is a trouser that is wide at the top and narrow at the ankle. The kameez is a beautiful long top accompanied by a shawl or a dupatta. These are comfortable clothes that give more freedom of movement with adaptations to different styles and cultures.

This elegant two-piece ethnic wear is worn by the women of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Haryana. It consists of a loose skirt that is designed in a variety of ways; be it the simplicity of cotton or the ravishing look of silk. The intricate designs give it a beautiful finish. The Upper part is a beautiful choli finished by a dupatta.
It is the traditional wear of Kashmir and is adapted to face the extreme cold of the region. It is a loose gown-like dress with beautiful embroidered designs.

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