Importance of saree in Indian culture

Saree is one of the oldest popular garments of all time. It is considered to be the most elegant women’s wear till date. The history of saree goes back to the Vedic as well as the Indus Valley Civilization. When we go back and think of the importance of saree in Indian culture, then how can we forget about Draupadi, who was the wife of 5 Pandavas.

When Draupadi was won over by the Kauravas, and they tried to disrobe her, a miracle happened. The never-ending stream of saree was the first-ever instance to prove that saree is such apparel that is used to protect the dignity of a woman.


What we usually fail to acknowledge and understand is that fashion trend changes are dynamic. But saree is the only thing which has remained constant. There have been many fashion trends that have stayed and been forgotten, but with the passage of thousands of years, the game of saree is still going strong. The importance of saree in Indian culture is considered to be superior for the sole reason that it has no comparison when it comes to beauty and charm. Sarees are said to be a replica of our beautiful rich Indian heritage.

However, we must also not forget that with every day that passes by, the western culture and influence keep on penetrating in our Indian culture. However, it is also observed that western fashion culture has also ended up influencing Indian culture to a great extent.  it is also noteworthy that saree is such Indian apparel that its importance can never be drawn on one single line with other dresses. The importance of saree in Indian culture was, is and will always be matchless.

Since always, saree has been considered to be carrying a great cultural significance. It is one of the most graceful dresses of women. The reason behind it is that saree elegantly covers the entire body of a woman. As it is a woman looks gorgeous in a saree, but when the same saree is paired with beautiful ornaments, the right pair of footwear, a woman’s saree looks gets completed.

Saree is also considered to be important, religiously and is considered to be a sacrificial offering to goddesses.

There are many significances attached to a saree. Wearing a saree and simultaneously managing the household and other chores is often considered unmanageable. While in reality, it is not difficult to look the most refined, charming and lovely in a saree at the time of performing chores.

Sarees are also considered to be such a material which evokes feelings of identity and memory. Nostalgia and memory are always linked to either memory or any event associated with a person or thing. For instance, you have a saree which has reached you originally belonged to your great-great-grandmother, so you won’t end up discarding the saree on account of it being old. Some sarees are often passed down from one generation to the other.

When it comes to Indian traditional attires, saree is the only attire that has been known to preserve the cultural identity of our country. It has, since always, been a source of appreciation for fashion designers and costume lovers from all around the globe.

Saree is also such an attire that is loved by all, old and young. It can also be worn on any occasion, including weddings, business meetings, or even as everyday wear, etc. Despite a lady not wearing it daily, it is a must to keep one in her wardrobe. 

The importance of saree in Indian culture can also be seen to be relevant because many cultures have adopted a Hindu’s sense and style of wearing sarees. Nowadays, some Christian brides prefer to wear white saree and white blouse instead of their regular wedding gowns.

According to Hindu dharma, a woman must wear a saree daily to conserve and nurture Hindu culture. Saree is even considered to imbibe spiritual benefits, like spiritual purity and divine consciousness. It is even said that wearing a saree is a form of sattvic attire, which creates a positive effect thus leading to feeling pleasant sensations and spiritual healing.

There are even some virtues attached to a saree. The virtues include the inculcation of humility, generation of modesty, increase in self-confidence, etc. Wearing a saree is important in its ways, and the importance of saree in Indian culture is above all. The saree is an only unstitched historical garment that was important and praise-worthy in the past and also is still considered the same in the present. It has a beautiful history and story of origin behind them. There can also be no comparison of a saree with any other Indian or western outfits.