How to Rock Sarees in Winter

Every Indian woman adores sarees because of its everlasting elegance. Many fashions designers’ preference is styling a Saree because of the different clothing material with its magnificent appeal. Sarees are worn on several occasions be it for office,parties, or just on a regular basis. Some people might think that wearing sarees in winter cannot be that comfortable as in summers. But this is not true, wearing sarees in winters can be just as comfortable as in summer. Also, there are numerous ways to style a saree in winter. Making the look stylish.

 If you  cannot resist wearing sarees on any occasion and need some cool tips to style sarees in winter, then these styling tips on how to rock sarees in Winter will just be enough.


Style with a Long Overcoat


Style your saree with a long overcoat and make a cool fashion statement. Winter will give you the best reason to add a long overcoat and give a glamorous and stylish look. Thus, choose among the different color of the overcoat like, black, white, brown, or another color that matches your saree. Also, there is no need to think that you might look fat because you can wear as many layers and the look will be just as vibrant. Moreover, the long overcoat will give the illusion for the person to look taller than fat. So, drape saree as you wish and add that sleek overcoat. Accessorize your look with some embellishment.


High Neck Blouse


Add a high neck blouse that you can wear inside a skintight cardigan. The blouse can be designed with different material and you can add several accessories such as broaches, pins, etc. The celebrity inspired high neck blouse gives a designer look and will keep you warm during winters.


Add an Ethnic Jacket


Indian clothing and styling are vast and now they are known for setting new standards  for the fashion Industry. These traditional looks reflect the ethnicity and beliefs from each part of the country. So, if you want to add an ethnic touch to your  look then, style your saree with an Ethnic jacket .All you need to do is wear the saree with the thermal inside. Before doing the pallu, pleat it, take it over and finally pin it up. Further, you can leave the jacket on or button it up. Add some jewelry to get the desired look. And you are good to go.


Long Shrug


Styling the drapes can be fun in the winters, but certain garments might fail to keep you warm. So, just like the coats and jackets, proceed and add a long shrug that matches your saree. The shrug will be easy to wear and comes in several designs and comfortable fabrics


Style with a Trench Coat


Trench coats are trendy and upgrade the overall look of any garment. So, in winters go on and layer your saree with a trench coat to rock the style and make sure the coat is in contrast with the saree. This look is even great for working hours and gives a chic look. These style tips on how to rock saree in winter will boost up your confidence to wear saree in winter.

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