Here's why sarees and belts make a good team!

Here's why sarees and belts make a good team!
Saree and belt style of draping is a new and gorgeous alternative to styling a saree; however it s not a new idea per se. Before belts, there were embroidered kamarband women wore in different occasions like weddings, for dancing or even for the sole purpose of aesthetics. Saree belts are just a sleeker rendition of this style, already embedded in our Indian history.

For some of us, sarees can feel bulky because of the loose fabric so it is essential for us to wear belts, to keep our outfits in place. It makes us feel more comfortable and allows us more mobility. And this is not only limited to special occasions, wear it at home if you are new to saree draping and are still finding it hard to move freely.

Therefore, sarees and belts make a very good team!

Here are some reasons why they do and also some tips on how to style them:

1. Helps tighten your waist

No one likes it when your tucked in cloth falls out of your petticoat, and you have to keep tucking it in again and again and you have to excuse yourself to the bathroom to fix your saree. Because sometimes petticoats are just not enough to keep the drape tucked in place; you can use belts as an added rigidity to your petticoat. Tuck the belt on the part where you have tucked in your saree. This makes it tighter without you having to readjust the elastic in your saree, which can sometimes get loose by itself.

2. Size matters

Wearing thin belts makes you look sexy and fit because of the way it accentuates your waist. There are so many belts; from big ones that cover the entire belly to slim ones that fit snugly. It is important that you know what size is appropriate for your saree of the day. If you are wearing a particularly small blouse and/or a crop top, it is safe to wear bigger belts. However, thinner belt worn with tiny blouses and slimly folded pallus, will make you look extremely good and better for days when it is sunny and hot.

3. Beads, pearl belts

Remember that you will never go wrong with a single line gold, beaded belt; Since it is a classic one that matches with most sarees. However, if you are looking to experiment, pick your colors and jewellery carefully, if you are wearing red and orange sarees, wear gold, black or silver belts. It would not look nice with contrasting colours like green or blue respectively. If you want more information about colour matching, you can learn about complimentary colors in the internet. We would suggest playing it safe with basic jewellery colours like gold with beads that match the colour of your saree.


4. Belts make your other accessories stand out

This may seem like a trivial detail. But it looks better when your belt matches with your other jewelries like your earrings, necklaces, anklets or if you are wearing headbands. Even though it does not need to be a complete set, you can choose to wear same metals, if you are wearing copper belts, do wear aluminum alloys for your headpiece. Make sure the colours match, or at least are close in combination. This will make your entire outfit and accessory pieces stand out and make you look shiny and grand.

5. Price

Saree belts have a range of pricing, from Rs. 200 for simple designs to Rs. 4000 or more for belts/kamarbands that are more detailed. They are bejeweled with beautiful pearls and zari works. It is definitely an accessory worth adding to your collection. It also depends on the material; since there are elastic cloth belts to completely metal belt chains, to leather bounded belts. The possibilities are endless.
Since everyone's taste is different, it makes sense for you to explore the designs on your own too, so that it matches your style. Some people like it very simple and some like it grand. It also depends on your price range, you can find very good belts for cheap prices also if you search enough.
The beauty of belts over other accessories is its stylishness, anyone who sees you wearing a saree belt already knows you are a woman who is fashion-conscious and keeping up with trends.
We hope these ideas help you understand why sarees and belts are such a good combination. And it is not a completely new and alternative idea as it may seem, it is part of culture since long ago. Belts can also be a very feminine accessory to add to your garments despite popular belief. It's a concoction you ought to try!
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