Groove Your Style with Bengali Sarees

Indian fashion has stood tall with other Fashion trends of the world. Bengal, besides being famous for its music, food and artwork has a great influence on Indian and western culture. However, its sensuous values can be seen in the lifestyle of people. There is nothing that can flatter women more than Bengali sarees. It’s elegance, class and simplicity have gathered a lot of attention throughout the world. It’s high time to groove your style with Bengali sarees anytime, anywhere.

Do you remember “Paro” and “Chandramukhi” from movie Devdas and how gracefully they wore red-white saree in the “Dola re” song? With their mesmerizing beauty, they made The Traditional Bengali Saree or Laal Pard stand out on their own. Furthermore, Bengali sarees have become a fashion statement for many celebrities. Among Bengali sarees, there are different types like tantsarees, zamdani sarees, baluchuri silk sarees,kantha and tussar sarees. Let’s have a look at these types so, you can groove your style in Bengali sarees.

Tant Sarees

Tant saree is a traditional Bengali saree and is popularly worn by Bengali women. Tant is made from cotton threads and esteemed by its lightness and transparency. It is considered as the most comfortable saree for South Asian hot and humid weather. However, many actresses like Bipasha Basu, Konkasen,Kajol, Kareena Kapoor wea rtant sarees for a festive occasion like Durga puja.

Jamdani Sarees

Jamdani Saree or Dhakai saree is one of the most exquisite type of Bengali saree. Knitted with extreme complicacy and hard work, it has a breathable fabric, energetic shades and detailed handicraft designs. Earlier, jamdani sarees were made using pure cotton and were quite expensive. Nevertheless, nowadays they are made with a blend of cotton and silk or with pure silk. They are easily available in different regions of West Bengal. Besides, you can shop jamdani saree in USA, Australia and other countries as well.

Baluchari Sarees

Originated in Murshidabad district, Baluchari is one of the most eminent traditional Bengali sarees.It has gained popularity over the decades. The patterns on Baluchari sarees represents different sculptures, temples and artistic motifs depicting stories of Ramayana and Mahabharat. Due to its exceptional work and immense labour, it takes a week to complete one saree. The different embroidery work on saree determines the price of the saree.

Kantha Sarees

Kantha sarees are an excellent fit for parties, festivals and evening occasions. With its magnificent work on borders along with embellishment like mirror work, makes these a perfect choice for partywear. Due to its aesthetic value and craftmanship, it has gained popularity over years.

Bishnupuri Silk Sarees

Bishnupur, a town in West Bengal mainly known for its craftmanship in sarees and terracotta work is also the hub of Baluchari sarees. Bishnupuri silk sarees are light-weighted and have an extremely fine texture. Therefore, their glossy satin-like texture makes the modern woman carry it easily with class. If Styled with gold bangles and stonework jewellery, it will make a flawless go-to-outfit for parties.

Garad Sarees

“Garad” stands for white in Bangla. As the name suggests, the saree is white in colour and have a beautiful border in red colour. The ultimate Garad saree is the symbol of Bengali tradition and culture. It is generally made with silk and is known for its simplicity. These are generally worn at weddings and religious ceremony.

Tussar Sarees

These sarees are originated from West Bengal and comes in beige, cream, honey, or tawny shades. But in order to keep these sarees long lasting, high maintenance and utmost care is required. Tussar sarees are produced from silkworm by the tribal communities of Bengal. Moreover, their high-quality texture and natural sheen from golden colour make these sarees a charismatic one. Tussar sarees have a rich and luxurious texture and are perfect for festivals and parties. Besides, you can style it with a nose ring, gold jewellery and golden clutch to add more elegance.
However, these sarees are the pride of Bengal and can be worn in various colours for any occasion.Bengal is a hub for sarees from simple cotton sarees to intricate silk. These are some famous Bengali sarees that you can find easily with a collection, ranging from bridal wear to office wear.

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