Famous sarees of Kolkata

We all know how elegant sarees are and how it manages to just bring out the beauty in anyone who wears it! Though we are all huge fans of Western clothes, I bet every wardrobe might have at least one saree. That's just the way it is, right! Over the past, I would say 6 centuries, a lot of changes have taken place. From the style of living to the dress we wear; Everything has changed and is changing every day but one managed to stay with us. That's the saree! India is a country rich in culture. Imagine a country with 29 States and each state with its own culture and traditions! Such an inspiration to other countries! You know if you actually think about it, it is astonishing right? I mean, how did a piece of cloth that is literally 5-9 meters long managed to catch the attention of everyone! Yes, that's the beauty of saree. Even the way sarees are draped is different in the different states of India. So in today's blog, we will discuss the sarees that you get in Kolkata Kolkata also is known as the land of art and culture are famous for its Bengali sarees.

They are of all kinds from cotton sarees to beautifully hand-loomed silk sarees Now we all know if anyone visits Kolkata, no one comes back without buying at least one of their famous sarees and sweets! I bet no one has left Kolkata freehanded. So if you're planning to go to Kolkata don't think you won't buy anything because you will! Kolkata has different kinds of sarees, some of which we will be discussing here. So let's move on to the famous sarees in Kolkata Baluchari sarees These are a type of saree that is usually made of silk or cotton. They are mostly hand-loomed and can be worn for ceremonial and festive occasions. These sarees are known for their depiction of mythological scenes. These sarees depict scenes from the lives of Mughal kings to the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata. They are also available in a wide range of colors.

Jamdani sarees It’s the weaving technique that gave the saree its name. The Jamdani saree is a traditional saree that is woven on a handloom by craftsmen. These kinds of sarees take a lot of time to make and is a labor-intensive form of weaving, but once it's woven, the saree is completely worth the wait. They are intricately and elaborately designed, the same reason why it's everyone's favorite saree. Banarasi saree These are classic sarees and are known to be one of the finest sarees in India. Banarasi sarees were existent during the Mughal era, hence the main design these sarees have are Mughal inspired. Tant saree These are the most common saree that can be seen in Kolkata. They are cotton sarees that are usually stiffly starched. They are usually cheap ranging from 300-400 and can go up according to the quality and design. They are available in almost all shops of Kolkata. Murshidabad silk saree These are another popular saree you see in Kolkata. These sarees are also referred to as pure silk and come in a variety of colors and designs. Anyone who wears a Murshidabad silk saree looks stunning, yes, that’s a fact!

Garad Silk Saree Another 'must-have in your collection ' is the Garad silk saree. These sarees are known for their red borders and motifs and generally have white or off white body, but now Murshidabad is available in many colors. These sarees are usually worn during festive occasions. Kantha embroidered saree These sarees are known to be one of the oldest forms of embroidery.

Kantha embroidery is used not only in sarees but also in quilts, blankets, bedspreads, etc. But now Kantha embroidery is done mainly on sarees. As these sarees are quite intricately designed, designing these sarees can be labor-intensive Now the pandemic has forced all of us to sit at home, and if you think “nothing is going to stop me from getting one of these sarees” then you’re at the right place because I’m going to tell where you can buy these sarees sitting at home!.

Lockdown has only stopped you from going outside but you still can shop online. Jyonell is an online website and is one of the best online stores for saree in India where you get to buy sarees from a huge collection, they have everything you have in mind, ranging from simple sarees to designer sarees. So go ahead and shop till your heart’s content as even the prices are really affordable! These are some of the most famous Bengali sarees that you can find in Kolkata. Ranging from simple cotton sarees to intricate silk sarees Kolkata has all of them and trust me Kolkata saree shopping can be a delightful experience for anyone who loves shopping! So, happy shopping!