Experimenting with the saree drape: 5 contemporary ways of draping a saree

Wearing a saree has its own charm. It kind of brings an element of elegance to the whole personality. Sarees can be official, graceful, amusing, and conventional. Wearing a saree in a traditional manner is perfect but modern saree draping techniques are also a treat for your eyes.

When you try to pick up the precise saree to wear at different occasions is really not much sorted for women. Unfortunately they don't find it easier to pick the right saree to drape. Draping a saree is well known by Indian women but the different engaging styles to drape a simple saree which brings a mesmerizing look is what all women will love. There are abundant ways to drape a saree in fashion. Saree draping can be certainly be fun. The basic draping up of a saree is very simple. Let us take a closer look at the several saree draping styles that will make you look gorgeous and differentiate you from others in the crowd.

Floating Style Drape

The conservative process of wearing a saree is basically letting the pallu flow liberally after it is thrown on the shoulder. It looks graceful and is one of the most chosen ways to drape the saree. It is fit for casual and glamorous occasions.

Lehenga Saree Drape

With sarees getting more trials in recent times, they are paired up with everything. Wearing the saree over a lehenga can be spectacular because it lends all enthusiasm and gracefulness to your look, as well as puts on a lot of volume on you.

Cape Drape

Whether it is tops or dresses, sarees or lehengas, a cape instantaneously boosts any look. You just have to get an identical cape and throw it over your shoulders once you are done with draping your favourite saree.

Dhoti Style Drape

Wearing the saree with pair of dhoti pants or draping the saree in a dhoti like manner is definitely one of the most classic styles to wear a saree.  For indeed, this effort is going to be sexier than other style.

Saree Drape over Jeans

Jeans and saree sounded glamorous a little time back. And pairing the two is an excellent option.

Twisted Pallu Saree Drape

Twisting the pallu to look like a braid before letting it go over the shoulder helps your achieve the perfect twisted drape. You can make it look more interesting with a funky distinct blouse.

Backside Pleated drape

While sarees have always been pleated at the front side only, back pleated sarees look equally charismatic. You just have to tuck in the pleats at the back as an alternative of the usual front tuck.

Half Belted Saree

Half sarees have a matching belt to emphasize your waist. Basically the appeal of those half sarees can be an incredible fashion statement. It suits better if the belt is a matching pattern with contrasting color.

Gujarati Drape

The Gujarati saree drape is another approach to try if you love traditional but not conventional. In place of a free flowing pallu that will fall on the back, the style lets the pallu cover the front part before tucked in the waist portion.

Double Drape

The double drape style of wearing saree is a great innovation in the field of saree draping. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for sarees in complementary shades. The double drape works fine with any style.

Draping under a Jacket

Dressing with a tartan jacket to run off the winter chill is a smart fashion choice. It is definitely stylish, cozy and pioneering.

Royal Angrakha Drape

This style is basically a ‘tribute’ to the royalty of Mughal style of outfits. Well it does sound ancient, but it is the most enjoyable of the modern looks which lifts up the appeal of your beauty.

Gown saree drape

Saree gowns are one of the most stylish ways for a fashionable statement. Fusion clothing is so refreshingly ground-breaking like sarees turned into gowns.

Pant Style Drape

In case it is a pair of denims or a similar pair of embellished pants, sarees go very well with casual wear. Modish and comfy, this style wins hearts in formal meetings and passionate parties.

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