An Epilogue On How to Choose a saree

In today’s new era, people not only have a variety of choices to choose from but also have the liberty to choose whatever they want. In this case, we will be giving a look at wearable or what we call simply as clothes. Women, regardless of their origin have always given their clothing and styling pristine importance over other material wealth. Especially, women in India have always preferred so. They use a variety of clothes, the most popular of which is what you called a saree. As per Hindu mythology, a saree represents a women’s respect and the culture the country possesses.

There are numerous varieties of sarees today, be it the traditional handloom sarees to the custom made chiffon and another synthetic textile all of which are of significance according to their requirements. Every aspect of a saree you choose, whether its colour, texture, patterns; everything goes according to the occasion you tend to wear it.

Also, the choices of sarees differ according to various regions or if simply explained, it is area specific in nature. People from the north and centre part of our country prefer vibrant and attractive sarees while people from the south and northeastern part prefer their traditional handloom products for every occasion.

Now let’s see some of the basic factors one should consider while choosing a saree.



Choose the saree according to your physical configuration.

Always ensure to choose a saree according to your physical appearance to make you look attractive as well as keep you comfortable.

If you have a “pear-shaped” body try to choose sarees of lighter materials such as chiffon and other synthetic textiles to help balance out the appearance and not compromising on your overall appearance. The added benefit of chiffon is that it’s very light and is easy to manoeuvre.

If you are on the “heavier side”, try traditional sarees with heavy embroidery work to make your overall appearance attractive and appreciable and in return helping you hide some of your weight. The only disadvantage of heavy embroidery is it’s very difficult to handle during the scorching summer heat.

If you possess a “slim body”, try silk or tussar made sarees to complement your well-maintained physique as well as keep you comfortable on all occasions. The added benefit being its lightweight material means comfort without any hampering of your overall look.

If you have an “apple-shaped” body, try sarees of silk as they help you give an aligned appearance as well as help you look attractive every time.

If you are “tall”, every saree universally fits your attire and make you look better. But try preferring sarees on the lighter side, especially in summer days to make you feel comfortable.

If you’re “shorter” in height, prefer sarees with a narrow border and with lighter fabric to make you comfortable as well as help you get the limelight.


Try to choose your saree keeping the occasion and the climate in mind

Although the choice of sarees is area-specific, there is one similarity and that basic principle is to choose the saree according to the occasion. This is very crucial as every occasion has its own significance and demands an equivalent response when it comes to clothing.

For wedding and lavish functions, prefer attractive, vibrantly coloured and lively embroidered sarees to stand up the occasion and enjoy its true colours!

For formal meets or functions, try and prefer sarees according to the tone of the occasion and its requirements, as here every one is required to wear similar sarees to promote the occasion.

Another major factor is climate, if you are adjustable to any climate, then universally you may prefer any saree, but since everyone isn’t that compatible, you should choose your piece of saree seeing the weather conditions. In summer, try to avoid heavy, synthetic or propitiously embroidered saree to prevent any discomfort due to sweating. For this, try sarees of natural fabrics such as cotton for more comfort.

Also while choosing sarees for daily use, prefer lightweight cotton sarees without any embroidery to prevent any discomfort as well as to stay on the safer side while cooking. This is because synthetic sarees catch fire instantly are more harmful for longer use.




Choose the best for getting the best products


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