Accessories you can wear with a saree

There is no doubt that an outfit from any part of the world has its style statement and meaning. But as a fact, an outfit without any accessory, would be seen as incomplete and not be able to bring the details and features of the outfit. It would just be considered as plain clothing. Hence, it is necessary to choose the right accessory for an outfit that can make a simple look to a glamorous look in no time. Therefore, in India, the most favorite and traditional clothing is the saree which is the most gorgeous outfit for any occasion. And without a doubt, accessories can bring out its true charm. There are a variety of Sarees from almost every region of the country that gives a person numerous ways to explore various styles textures, and materials. So, this traditional Indian clothing can be accessorized in many ways and give the freedom to show their style and create their fashion statement. But choosing the best accessory that will go the best with a saree like hand-printed, plain body or with a heavy border might become quite difficult.
So, listed below are some Accessories you can wear with a saree and get ready for any occasion in no time.


Jewelry is the best accessory to bring out the charm of a person. Therefore, pairing saree with jewelry of gold, silver, or other material like bracelets, heavy necklaces, rings, anklets, etc. will bring out the best look. In India Vintage fashion is always in style for any Indian woman, because of its charming and well-crafted designs. So, this vintage jewelry will always be in style even with the new modification in the fashion Industry. With no second thoughts, people will adore, when you are wearing these heavy and beautiful classic Indian Vintage jewels. For any magical moment occasion in life wearing a saree with beautifully crafted jewels is what every woman waits for.

Ornaments for hair

As known sarees have different materials, textures, and designs which gives an idea of what kind of accessories can be worn with the clothing. Traditional Indian sarees are seen to be made of heavy material and designs where heavy accessories for the waist might not be required. But still,sarees are complete without accessories, hence hair accessories will be the best material to put on as they will enhance the entire look by taking contrasting headwear accessory like few contrasting hairpins, forehead drop. And adding a suitable hairstyle to the look will surely be the perfect thing to do for your dazzling look.

Self-designed accessories

Indian clothing and styling are vast and now they are known for setting new standards and moderations for the fashion Industry. These traditional looks show the ethnicity of the country and beliefs and religious practices from each part of the country. Therefore, Saree which is an Ancient Clothing attire for women is always worn in many ways by different people in the country. Many Indian women set their fashion or accessory embellishments for their saree, which describes their taste in fashion. The Indian rituals have different ornaments that can be chosen by anyone for their sarees like Jhoomers, and other embroidery embellishments. Other than this women often use their skills to change the saree borders design or gluing other ornaments on the saree according to their requirements and make self-designed accessories.


Some people might think that not wearing a ring does make a difference. But it is the opposite. You can make your best first impression by wearing rings. Every time while greeting someone, the moment can be pleasant by seeing hand accessorized with jewelry. So, make sure to stack your accessory compartment with various traditional and designer rings

Accessories for foot

Just like other accessories, many designs can be chosen for the foot to match with the saree. Choosing the right foot ware or accessory is just as important as any other accessory for the saree. Some people might think that this is not necessary as sarees cover the legs but, some designers slightly hitch up the saree. Making new saree designs makes footwear accessories very recognizable and important. These accessories include contrasting heels, wedges, anklets, and foot rings.

Traditional or Design Bindis

Bindis has a religious value in India. These bindis are small but radiant and complete every ethnic Saree’s look. With the change, they come in different shapes and textures like round or oval, color, and designs. They are accompanied by Casual sarees-based on the shape of the face, contrasting with the color of the saree. So, all you have to do is select a bindi based on your face shape and color of the saree, for a perfect glam.

There are many accessories you can wear with a saree. Thus, with the given points wearing sarees will be more exciting.

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