Accessories You Can Wear With a Saree

Sarees have always been the soul of Indian culture. It is one of the finest outfit delicacy rendered to us by the great Indus Valley Civilization. The age-old tradition which believed that it is decent that the women should cover the whole body gave birth to this beautiful piece of clothing called Saree.

But with time the tradition has evolved many folds in a very elegant way. From ancient times, women have always been experimental with their looks and the best way to do that was to accessorise your look.

Sarees can be accessorized in a variety of ways and it has never stopped getting better. The beauty of a woman can be enhanced simply by draping a saree in the most beautiful way and accessorising it with the best of the options. We can pair up a saree with the perfectly matched blouse, pins, bindi, bangles or a nice handbag.

Accessories contribute and add immensely to how a person looks. Selecting the right kind of accessory to go with your beautiful saree is a must. Basically we have two categories of accessories, ones that we carry like a handbag, a purse, wallet or an umbrella and the second are the ones we wear like the bindis, bangles, necklaces, shawl or brooches. We have to choose our accessories precisely depending upon the occasion. But what matters the most is how gracefully the wearer carries the beautiful piece of cloth.

Let's take a look at the various accessories that can be worn with a saree:

Statement Jewellery

This piece of jewellery can be a small neckpiece or a heavy pendant or a shiny yet simple bracelet. This can surely be the star of your outfit but has to be chosen properly and should not be overdone. It should not be too loud or mismatched which otherwise can make you look flashy.


The most sophisticated type of handbag that goes the best with sarees can be a small, cute looking clutch or a potli bag and not a huge handbag. The clutch or potli should be lightly stuffed with the basics and should not look heavy.

Blouse and petticoat

Wearing the right kind of blouse or petticoat is very important because if not it can be a disaster to your look. Wearing a loose blouse can make you look old fashioned or sloppy. but wearing a plain jacket blouse can also work wonders with the right pair of choker and bracelet.

A brightly coloured or mismatched petticoat can ruin the saree's beauty and also the fabric makes a difference. Too long or short petticoats should be avoided.


Right kind of footwear must be worn with a saree. Wedges, ballerina flats or flip flops don't go with sarees. We can always opt for a pair of stilettos or peep toes which indeed gives you a slim tall gorgeous look.


Bindis though are a very simple accessory, but adds greatly to the elegance of the wearer. Bindis can vary from vividly coloured bindis to studded designer bindis and also can be of various shapes to give you the perfect desired look.


Brooches can be of great help to the ladies who are not very confident of their pallus or pleats getting undone. So choosing the right brooch to go with your saree can give you a smart chic look.

Hair Accessories

You can always keep your hair to your convenience with a little glitter and few hairpins. But if you are attending a wedding or a similar occasion where you want your hair to look voluminous then you might need some good extra effort put to it.

Waist belts

Waist belts or kamarbandhs are no longer considered an ancient classic but can be beautifully paired up with a saree to give a slender smart look. They can vary from a chic leather waist belt to an intricately designed stone studded traditional one.


Having talked about the various accessories, it is equally important to be keen enough while we pair up our saree with the right set of accessories. The pattern of saree you are wearing, your body type, complexion, height and the occasion are of great importance to get your best saree outfit.

Sarees can be beautifully described as Six yards of pure grace. any day a saree adds to the beauty of a woman in a very subtle yet magnificent way. Women have shared a very deep relation with a saree. From being a mark for tradition this piece of garment has taken a revolutionary stand though the ages adding to its aura and also giving it a sexy avatar. Buy traditional Bengali sarees at The Vama. It sells different kinds of sarees such as Jamdani, Tant, Kantha and Handloom. it provides shipping in India and the United States.