8 Facts About Saree

Saree is a kind of garment worn by women in India. It consists of a drape that varies from 4.5 meters to 8 meters (5 to 9 yards) in length and 60 to 120 centimeters in breadth. It is wrapped all around the waist of a woman with one end draped around the shoulders. Saree is considered to be a vibrant cloth to wear. Every woman loves to wear a saree, though it is a fact that saree is taken as the traditional wear in India, it is highly appreciated by many. You will get plenty of varieties of sarees in the market. Saree is the kind of wear that is very easily found in the markets. It is an extremely preferred attire here, in India. It is not the story that only one design or variety of saree is found in markets, rather you will be surprised to know that with emerging fashion this traditional attire has also involved itself in variations and trends.  You will find multiple varieties and designs being manufactured and supplied in the market, which are all in accordance to customer’s demands. There are numerous facts about saree, you will be amazed to learn about them.

Typically a saree is worn over an under layering called a petticoat and to cover the upper region there is a blouse with every piece of saree. People have a general notion that a saree is a long piece of cloth that is draped around a woman’s body and is the part of Indian culture. Little do we all know, a saree can be worn in a number of styles and designs. There are so many colors and designs are available in the market for this attire that we people can not even keep a count. All we can do is, keeping witnessing different types and keep purchasing something new and vibrant every time we visit the market. Let us quickly get into some amazing facts about saree, down below.

  • It is way too ancient

It is a fact that will make all of us surprised. Yes, saree is very ancient and the old form of attire. It was first worn some hundred years ago. However, now we have a vast range of designs and types of this form of wear. Earlier it was only a simple lengthy cloth wrapped around the body of a woman.

  • There are ample ways to wear saree

Do you all know that saree has got ample of ways to be draped around the body? Yes, you just have to google how to wear a saree, and there you go! You will be provided with numerous videos and tutorials which would make your head the ways of wear in a saree. And not the amazement, you will get thousands of techniques to wear it.

  • Easiest to wear

Every girl who loves to wear saree will admit, that it is the simplest kind of wear. It literally requires zero safety pins or any other accessories to handle the saree. Anyone who has never tried it will find it difficult to handle and manage but once you have draped a saree your misconceptions will be kicked out in an instant.

  • If you wish, you can wear it without the under layering

Yes, it is a great surprise, but it is actually a fact, you can wear a saree even without the petticoat and blouse. It was practiced during the British Raj. The women used to wear them without a petticoat and blouse. In fact, in today’s world of fashion, people have started coming up with many alternatives for blouses. It is very trendy and comfortable.

  • Saree, take us down the memory lane

It is so relatable and nostalgic. Wearing a saree can be really amazing, something that will take you down the memory lane of times when our mothers and grandmothers used to wear them and get ready for daily rituals. In today’s scenario, we have been grasped in the clutches of weatherization. We rarely wear saree. It is only when we have some special or auspicious events that we wear sarees, in such condition wearing a saree can actually be really nostalgic and memorable.

  • Traditional and Modern features, both in one saree

Saree is a very authentic and traditional kind of attire. Gradually, with passing time saree has emerged to be a fashion statement. With so many unique designs and patterns today a saree is open-heartedly accepted by the fashion people. In fact, a saree is the only type of attire that can be experimented in both traditional and modern ways. You can wear a saree as per your desire and willingness.

  • It is much more than just an uncut piece of handwoven piece of cloth

It is normally said, saree is nothing but an uncut piece of handwoven piece of cloth. It is the traditional notion. But in today’s time, the definition broadens to textiles woven by mills or hands usually with similar and consistent density.

  • It is a lengthy thing

Yes, not to surprise but a saree is really lengthy kind of wear. It usually ranges between 3.5 yards to 9yards. But yes, it completely depends upon the style in which a saree is draped by the lady.

So, in today’s segment, we had a proper discussion over the most popular and loved attire that is the saree. We learned different facts about saree. All the ladies love the idea of wearing a saree. Be it any occasion nothing can be as suitable and perfect as a saree. If you have made your mind to get one for yourself, you need not go anywhere. We have got for you – Jyonell online saree shopping app. Here you will get everything that you desire. All kinds, designs, fabrics, colors, and fabrics are available here, in accordance with your budget. Best shopping point for all the ladies who aspire to get a wonderful saree for themselves.