Indian ethnic wear comes with not just a variety of colours, patterns, and styles but also various accessories to pair up with like earrings, bindi, bangles, and other jewellery. Saree is one such women's garment. The 6-yard long beauty can always be worn with grace and style and is not just limited to being worn in the normal way but, there are also 5 ways to recycle and reuse old sarees.

A saree sure requires some time and effort to come off perfectly in shape and style. Apart from the many different styles of wearing a saree in the country, you can give the beautiful textures and colours of the saree a different shape. So, here are 5 ways to recycle and reuse old sarees.

Reusing and recycling your sarees

Here's a list of 5 ways to recycle and reuse old sarees. Just transforming your old, tattered sarees with the help of a tailor will give you a new look and keep you at par with the trends.


 A jacket goes with both traditional and western wear. You also have various options to style this jacket in different patterns, a vest or kimono style. A silk or tussar saree would create a lovely ethnic long-line jacket that perfectly suits a dress with palazzo pants. These jackets can also be worn with denim.
If you have a lightweight saree, such as chiffon, you can make a poncho or beach cover-up.
Adding tassels and borders to these sarees would give it a richer look.


Desi pants are the most multipurpose outfit choice. Your sarees can be styled into cigarette styled pants or even wide-legged palazzos. However, the right choice for this saree would be a brocade or paisley print saree. Using a see-through saree like chiffon would require a heavy lining.
These printed pants would go well with long kurtas, short kurtas, and also plain shirts for a formal setting.


Another great idea to use an old saree is to rip up the saree without removing its border and creating a long scarf. This can also serve as a dupatta.
You can also give it a twist by creating a fusion of pieces from different sarees and stitching them together. This will match with your denim and traditional look giving a quirky twist to your look.


You can also create a skirt out of your old sarees by giving the base of a heavier saree with a layer of a chiffon or net saree.
Like jackets, adding tassels and embellishments would give it an extravagant look.
For a fuller look, you can replace the fabric with stiffer material to make the skirt stand.
Wearing an embroidered or even plain blouse would give it a marvellous look. A crop top would also be great to pair up with your ghagra.


Ethnic looks are incomplete without accessories. With the help of sarees, you can create jholas. These look splendid if made with Kanjivaram sarees. You can give it your desired style by choosing if you want a simple or heavy looking jhola. For a simple look, you can use the saree pieces for only the handle.
With the small pieces of the saree, you can make buttons, give your earrings, and bangles a new look and even create earrings of your own. This DIY is pretty easy and would give a great result.
For all these ideas to turn out well, the saree must be beautiful and unique, so why not choose the best option and source available to you.


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